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Spell Review, Batch 1 · on 7/17/2009 5:33:16 AM 202
The following spell changes are only live in Prime for now.

Protection from Evil:
The undead-only evasion bonus has been converted to undead-only damage reduction. This operates differently from MPP.

Minor Physical Protection:
To complement the PFE change, the undead bonus has been removed in exchange for a slightly higher maximum of general damage reduction.

Phelim's Sanction:
The "functions with greater efficiency against the cursed" part of this spell's description is actually true now. Stun duration against cursed targets has been bolstered.

In light of the perma-death removal, resurrecting the favorless is no longer possible. (TF instance will not receive this until after the new Depart is released over there.)

Harm Horde:
Strike messaging will now differ slightly based on inflicted damage, and will be visible to others.

The initial casting of the spell is never considered offensive in safe rooms and such anymore.

Other: All pertinent Cleric spells are now properly set up to recognize cursed/undead Necromancers.

GM Grejuva

This message was originally posted in The Clerics (22) - Game Master and Official Announcements (1), by DR-GREJUVA on the forums.