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Re: Soul Attrition is Overpowered · on 05/09/2013 9:29 PM CDT 3549
A few things:

First, from my testing Anti-Stun works like normal to remove a stun you might get from SA. Pulsing timings could lead to it not happening. The stun lock preventing code seems to have been removed, but I've put it back into place, so stun locks should no longer happen. The arrest bug should also be fixed, and I've made a few minor changes to SA. If the spirits collide harmlessly (a TM miss), there will still be a minor spirit loss for the caster due to the effort. The messaging for barely harmed by the clash and ravaged by the clash should now be occurring if you are very much ahead or behind in the spiritual battle. If it's close to even, you won't get either of these messages.

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players \ Complaints, by DR-RICINUS on the forums.