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Socially Outrageous items · on 11/02/2020 12:28 1840
Hi everyone,

As a recap, there are a few items in game that are considered blatantly necromantic items, that is, if a passerby were to see you in possession of said item it would make you immediately suspicious that you were partaking in forbidden practices.

An example of such an item: maelshyvean iconoclast's robe of purple-speckled deep blue velvet

When you pick up, hold, wear, or display these items you'll immediately get a warning, and continue to get regular messaging that is along the lines of "You have the feeling that a scary sword is drawing attention to you." or "For some reason, a scary sword seems to make you slightly nervous." If you get a feeling that you're making others nervous, you've got one of these items on you.

There was a bug that caused these items to sometimes be able to be displayed in your LOOK (such as hanging from a belt frog), but not generate outrage. This bug has been fixed, and it's fully intended that you generate Social Outrage while the public can see that you're in possession of these items. If you happen to be in possession of one of these items and do not want the outrage, it's suggested you take action to get rid of item immediately.

Social Outrage does come with some rather severe consequences, and working off that outrage will require a significant amount of time (potentially 3 weeks of playing a couple hours a day, and likely longer if you're actually playing a Necromancer) to be spent outside of the towns and cities of a province. The use of JUSTICE can help determine whether or not a population is outraged at you.

- GM Ynami

This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia / Bugs -- Surviving in Elanthia, by DR-YNAMI on the forums.