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Re: Significant Magic Changes (Magic 3.1) · on 11/18/2013 01:57 PM CST 1356
>>Well said. Basically they are fashioning the game towards a system where it's harder for non-scripting people to play,

I think this is an overreaction that can't be assessed until you actually get to test the changes. Since the entire magic exp model is changing, there's no way to know how the changes will affect you. The only thing they WILL do is make it so that it's not effortless to train your magic skills infinitely with just pressing one button. That isn't about scripting at all (since that's all a scripter does anyway) - It's about eliminating de facto experience gain in the magic system that is similar to HUM.

>>Players will be a lot more accepting of these changes once they see that experience has been fixed for standard spells.


>>is there a relatively firm ETA or things still muddled up from HE?

Probably this weekend or the following one. Depends a lot on how my work project goes.

>>I dislike Analogous Patterns being required as a means for training a given skill.
>>Wasn't that the point of the AP book in the first place?

Basically, yeah. Also, Necros can use Sorcery as a circling skill, which means that using other guilds' spells is pretty encouraged for them.

>>I wish I could mindlock appraisal or trading in only 45 minutes

For what it's worth, so do I. Lore skills need a lot of love, no doubt about it.

>>everyone (including GMs) seems to think it ought to stay that way

Not technically true - It's just that manpower is a seriously limited resource and we haven't fixed them yet.

>>nobody wants to play a game where you have to take HOURS out of your day just to mindlock your usual skillset.

Totally agree.

>>While I understand and in some ways, agree, that this would cause more risk of folks being unresponsive.. one of the bigger detractions from poking at things in test is unless you get some sense of personal satisfaction from bug chasing there's no tangible benefit for Joe-everyday.

The last thing I want to happen is for somebody to accidentally leave their script running and get busted for AFK because they're testing too much.

Unfortunately, being logged into multiple instances at once isn't a trivial concept - It affects the engine at a pretty core level I believe.

As Helje said, though, if we want to continue this particular branch of the discussion, let's do it somewhere else.

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