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Re: SLEEP Bug · on 3/31/2009 1:51:25 AM 2359

While I cannot claim to know everything about combat yet, I have been going through all the combat code literally one line at a time, and I can at least confirm or deny a few things:

(1) There are a good many penalties placed on the active defense skills (shield, parry, and evasion), especially on Evasion. How much field experience (Are you mindlocked?) you have in those skills is not among them, however. If you are indeed getting hit harder once your experience mindlocks, it is probably because by that time you are also likely in an MO situation and taking penalties, and if not actively killing things also dealing with shifting balance which can cause a change in performance, as well as possibly things like overall increasing wounds (even if they are only scuffs), burden, fatigue, and a dozen other variables that change over the course of a fight. As a player, I often felt the same way -- that I was getting hit a bit more once I got my defenses locked, but after paying closer attention, I came to believe that it was probably just a combination of the factors I listed above, especially my balance shifting down slightly or, more often, the critters gaining balance. As a GM, I certainly have yet to find anything that would indicate that it checks your field experience to determine hits, and I can absolutely guarantee if it does it is not through a penalty to the active defenses, nor a bonus to hit. That being the case, if it does exist it would have to be -after- the "to hit" calcs were determined, so if we are talking about being hit more, then it has to be something else. If we are talking about being hit harder, then yes, there may be something lurking in the combat code I haven't gotten to yet...but I seriously doubt it.

(2) Oolan and I have been searching long and hard, and so far have not actually found anything in MO that helps or hinders the overall mindstate, contrary to what many of us were led to (or come to) believe. I have also confirmed with Zeyurn that it doesn't appear to be in the core experience code, which is where something like that should be if we are talking about mindstate effects. That does not mean there isn't anything there, but if so it is both extremely elusive and not very effective.

With all that said, we're looking at some alternative approaches to the current mindstate system.

- GM Dartenian

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