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Rish Esado talks about the Prydaen Gods. · on 09/21/2013 08:11 PM CDT 1864
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Rish Esado was kind enough to give a talk on the Prydaen Gods. Sorry about the formatting change, I remembered a few minutes in to turn on my talk recording window.

Esado says, "From here, we touch land that many Prydaen would call sacred. Though if you ask me, all land is."
Esado asks Mofasah, "The scouts caught you?"
Mofasah says to Esado, "I was daydreaming when you called for people to join you."
Mofasah says to Esado, "Ran to catch up."
Esado seems to take a moment to inhale the scents in the area.
Pythea gazes at an ironwood drink cart.
Esado asks Pythea, "A rather laughable selection, isn't it?"
Pythea says, "Meager yet humble."
Esado says, "Pah. They set out drinks laced with catnip as if that's supposed to appeal to us."
Pythea says, "Well, it certainly doesn't appeal to me, unfortunately."
Esado says to Pythea, "We are in accord, then."
Akudyn says, "Ha, even the milk is laced with it."
Esado asks, "I suppose I should speak about the Three and such now, is that the part we're at?"
Pythea says to Esado, "I admit, I'm more familiar with beverages than the Three. I could stand to learn something."
Esado grins at Pythea.
Malakye says, "I know about the three we Rakash worship. Though, I will confess ignorance to the three of our former neighbors."
Esado says to Malakye, "I'll not judge you on that. We learn what we wish to learn."
Malakye says to Esado, "I agree, I seek to learn more now. The folly of youth has long passed."
Esado says, "I'm sure plenty of you will hear my words today and forget them in a week. It's of no matter. You'll retain what's important to you."
Esado says, "The Three are often referred to as the Triquetra and represented by a physical knotwork meant to show that while they are each three different parts, they're a part of a whole. Much in the same way the gods of this land have counterparts that are seen as seperate."
Esado says, "Each counterpart of the Triquetra, like the Eastern gods you may be more familiar with, has it's own symbol. Though instead of being represented by animal avatars, the Three have very distinct markings. One such marking is actually on the side of my wagon."
Esado says, "A marking of three narrow rays, much like claw marks, is known as the faiyka."
Esado says, "This symbol, we use for our god Eu, which in Common tongue, is just Nature."
[20:38] Esado says, "When I earlier made the comment of land being sacred, it is because of Eu. Of the Three, my family leans most heavily towards this one."
[20:40] Esado says, "I should also explain though, that Eu may also refer the Three entirely. Rather than Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor. Such a mouthful when all three are neatly summed up just by saying -- Nature."
[20:40] Esado says, "It is for this version of Eu, that the triquetra symbol is used."
[20:42] Esado says, "While my family long ago chose to follow Eu, we also honor Demrris and Tenemlor, but we tend to think of the two as an extension of Eu. Please do not take that to mean all Prydaen think this way. That's simply not the case. It's just the case with my own family."
[20:43] Esado says, "Demrris, the hunter, the great sun and the surging storm. He is the strength within Eu represented by a multi-rayed sun known as the Iladza."
[20:45] Esado says, "It's pretty common that a large number of Prydaen warriors follow Demrris to the point of exclusivity."
[20:46] Esado says, "I imagine Rocha could tell you a few nonsensical stories of "consuming the strength of your enemies" and what not."
[20:46] Esado says to Malakye, "My wife spins the most obnoxious stories."
[20:47] Malakye says to Esado, "Marriage is also something I am ignorant of, sir."
[20:47] Esado says, "That's a sad tale."
[20:48] Malakye says to Esado, "Well, a might bit better than an obnoxious one. I would guess."
[20:48] Malakye asks, "So this is what Demrris stands for? Consuming enemies?"
[20:49] Malakye says, "I jest."
[20:49] Esado says, "If that's what you take away from this, I will give you the loan of some tools to clean your ears."
[20:49] Esado says, "Ah."
[20:49] Esado says, "Now then. A goddess that is known to many in these lands, as many of the clerical profession call upon her strength.. Tenemlor."
[20:52] Esado says, "Tenemlor is many things to the Prydaen. She is the one we draw strength from as we face those that would befoul the land. She is the one that nurtures our people upon the Wheel. She is is the healer, and so much more."
[20:53] Esado says, "Hers is the symbol known as the shariza -- a pairing of crescent moons. Her symbol in particular must always be rendered in a material known as blue gold. A rare material, but one that makes a common symbol of moons into something that has meaning."
[20:54] Esado says, "Those are the basics on the Three."
[20:55] Esado asks, "Did anyone have any questions?"
[20:55] You say to Esado, "I am taking notes on what you say so that others who couldn't be here can learn as well."
[20:55] Sneeky says to you, "Thank you."
[20:57] You say to Esado, "You mentioned its your family practice to view the three aspects as one."
[20:57] Esado says, "Yes."
[20:57] You ask Esado, "But that itsn't the case for all. Others view them as completely separate entities?"
[20:58] Esado says to you, "Correct. Not every Prydaen will view them the way my family does. Not every Prydaen will even believe in them."
[20:58] Esado says, "There are many of us that were raised among other races, and grew up knowing other gods."
[20:58] Esado says to you, "I can only speak about my own family in this regard."
[20:58] Malakye says, "As is the same with my people."
[20:59] Esado says, "I don't view it as a loss. I view it as a diversification. Our lands of the past were held by the Three. These lands are held by others that allow our own gods a small foothold, here."
[20:59] You say to Esado, "With the great migration east, its good to see the beliefs of your People survive. We may all not see things the same way as you, but I've always tried to learn from many faiths."
[21:00] Esado says to you, "There will always be pockets of any race that cling to the past. My family sort of has a record for keeping old things alive, though."
[21:01] Sneeky says, "It is good that they do, Many have forgotten the old ways or have been simply raised ignorant of them."
[21:01] Esado says, "I mean, look at me. I'm well into my seventies."
[21:01] You say to Esado, "It seems that way. And you do us all a great service both in your professional and spiritual conservation."
[21:02] Esado asks, "Alright alright, enough with the complimenting. Shall we return to the village, or do some of you plan to linger and make offerings?"
[21:03] Malakye says, "I do not think it would be proper for me to make offerings. I have done my best to live according to our three."
[21:03] Malakye says to Esado, "Thank you very much for the guide and the talk, sir."
[21:03] Esado says to Malakye, "Oh, I didn't mean you. That was more meant for the Prydaen that have joined us all."
[21:03] Sneeky says, "I am afraid that I am quite ill-prepared. I was rushed here quite...suddenly."
[21:03] Esado says, "I would not force my own beliefs on anyone."
[21:04] Sneeky says to you, "I had no time to gather an offering! I woke up to your voice screaming in my mind."
[21:04] You say to Sneeky, "Well, its such a small mind, it needed something in there."
[21:05] Esado says, "Alright, I'll be leading my group onward then. If you get left behind, do look out for scouts."

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