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Renown Scrolls and the Muspar'i Guildhall · on 2/13/2011 11:06:55 PM 217
With the release of the Muspar'i guildhall, all clerical renown scrolls have been renewed as well. Yes, this means you have to readd your names to them. Because there was previously a fair amount of overlap in the scrolls' criteria and they are going to be updated again with Skills 2.0, I'm going to go ahead and disclose them.
Current After Skills 2.0
Crossing circle circle
Riverhaven survivals survivals
Shard scholarship + teaching scholarship + theurgy
Ratha magics magics
Aesry Surlaenis'a weapons + armors weapons + armors
Mer'Kresh all skills augmentation + warding
Vela'Tohr Valley TM TM + debilitation
Muspar'i mechanical lore + arcana crafting skills

Big thanks to GM Basilisc for building this great new guildhall and shop for us!

GM Grejuva

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