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Redeemed Necromancers · on 07/04/2020 03:51 2258
>>What about Butchery? It does not currently generate Divine Outrage (intentional or not) and can be an excellent Thanatology trainer. Yes, using the parts would be bad, but I can see merit as sort of an “advanced dissection” method. Should Butchery be generating DO?

Anything Risen-related will generate some DO, even if it didn't before.

>>Based on my reading of the chart there’s no Life mixed in.

Correct. Holy+Lunar and Holy+Elemental are both possible within Anabasis, though it doesn't matter mechanically.

>>Anabasis aside, does the sorcerous backlash risk when casting Holy spells remain in the “Most Dangerous” bucket for Redeemed?

No. For unsullied and Redeemed, Holy magic difficulty and danger are the same as other non-Arcane magic.

GM Grejuva

This message was originally posted in The Necromancers / Responses to GM and Official Announcements, by DR-GREJUVA on the forums.