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Re:Bone Wyverns · on 07/09/2019 14:51 124
We've been investigating. It is related to a change that was meant to have been released in 2016 that likely fell through the cracks, and is disproportionately affecting bone wyverns because of their copious amounts of damage resistance. Grazing attacks are currently not generating xp and this is currently being considered intended, with my apologies that it blasted onto the scene in an abrupt way instead of something we were aware wasn't working / could be announced.

This, of course, has some repercussions. Bone wyverns need a review now and some players' training styles will need to adjust to account for actually killing creatures. This is a bad week to hash out specifics on-line, however, as many of us are going to be in St. Louis (I'm leaving to travel in less than 2 hours). I can talk to folks that'll be at Simucon regarding lingering concerns, otherwise it's something we'll need to visit in more detail next week.


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