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Re: End of Year Releases · on 01/04/2015 05:55 PM CST 1423
My December did not turn out as I expected, except for a very nice week-long vacation near New Years, so both Necrostuff and the Newbie Guide stuff got derailed. I'll be picking up the pieces this week.

>>Also if we could maybe get a little bit more info?

Hands of Bone:
Advanced Augmentation/Warding spell in the Transcendental Necromancy book. Allows the magician to parry and shield block without equipment. Requires Butcher's Eye or Kura-Silma.

Rite of Grace:
Advanced Utility spell in the Corruption book. Cyclic. Hides physical evidence of Transcendental magic. Requires EOTB.

Metaspell. Adds RoC's magic-senses defeating abilities to Rite of Grace. Requires both RoC and Rite of Grace.

Esoteric Utility spell in the Corruption book. Creates an invisible, unscryable "safe spot" for the magician and any NPC corpses that are in the room when the spell is cast. While in Isolation the Necromancer can perform necromantic rites (notably those related to corpse preparation for Risen) but nothing else of note. Requires EOTB.

I'll probably also work on an older spell proposal too in the near future, now that Universal foci have been released:

Rite of Defiance:
Esoteric Utility/Augmentation in the Transcendental Necromancy book. Scroll only. Ritual spell. Purely a roleplaying spell: necromantic age modification spell. Functionally near identical to age shifting, save that it only goes backwards, but conceptually wildly different. Unlike shifting, necromantic age reversal extends the lifespan of the magician. Unlike shifting, it can be visually recognizable if too extreme (see: Markat). Also unlike most Transcendental spells, non-Necromancers can (and historically have) used Rite of Defiance.

"In our days truth is taken to result from the effacing of the living man behind the mathematical structures that think themselves out in him, rather than he be thinking them.\" - Emmanuel Levinas
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