Rite of Defiance

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Rite of Defiance Scroll-only Spell
Abbreviation: Unknown
Prerequisites: Unknown
Slot Cost: Unknown
Mana Type: Unknown
Spell Type: ritual / augmentation, utility
Difficulty: esoteric
Prep (min/max): Unknown / Unknown
Skill Range (min/max): Unknown / Unknown
Valid Spell Target: Unknown
Duration (min/max): Unknown minutes
Description: Purely a roleplaying spell: necromantic age modification spell. Functionally near identical to age shifting, save that it only goes backwards, but conceptually wildly different. Unlike shifting, necromantic age reversal extends the lifespan of the magician. Unlike shifting, it can be visually recognizable if too extreme (see: Markat). Also unlike most Transcendental spells, non-Necromancers can (and historically have) used Rite of Defiance.
Example Messaging: Unknown