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Re: Ratha Inquisition Informational Meeting · on 12/10/2009 10:50:11 PM 1078
[Chadatru's Temple, Great Hall]

A smooth, red tile floor, the color of fresh blood, flows underfoot. A hewn statue of a lion stands amidst this apparent pool of life -- or death. The lion is carved in great detail from a creamy marble and stands over seven feet high and spans more than ten feet. The mane is tinged with dark streaks and its eye sockets are hollow, the eyes missing. A plaque rests in the floor at the lion's right front foot. You also see a black panther that is sitting, a pale blue moonbeam, a Zsikiel inquisitor, a Nadamian inquisitor, a Zsikiel inquisitor, a Zsikiel inquisitor and a wall alcove. Also here: Image Consultant Ghryla, Lomelinde, Wizard Vanmar, Kaedan, Temple Inquisitress Sinstra, Dafo Zamara, Mageling Magan, Sentai, Doctor Braunwen, Fateweaver Caelumia, Skald Kristov, Screecher Ignifera, Emyrose, Conductor Revildebul, Midnighter Daneoth, Grand Master Moon Mage Diece, Arandrowse, Perfect Storm Sebastienne, G'nar Pethian Kaylor, Vahlissa, Beautician Ciennalene, Sir Hrethgar, Sendithu, Wildling Taeja, Jairem, Vicar Bronxrian, Hunter Hanryu who is surrounded by a shimmering shield, Doctor Rozze, Inquisitor Liurilias who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Prophet Kalnean, Inquisitor Nonomis who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Blademaster Cerval who is emanating a malevolent holy aura, Inquisitorial Seeker Ventuul, Gardener Travalon, Inquisitorial Truthsayer Szrael. Obvious paths: out.

You see Temple Inquisitress Sinstra, Chosen of Aldauth, an Elothean Cleric. Sinstra has a square-jawed face with frown lines around her mouth, tilted almond-shaped amber eyes and a straight, angular nose. She has cropped red-streaked white hair, with translucent skin and an emaciated figure. She is in her prime for an Elothean. She is in good shape.

Standing quietly, the S'Kra Mur is clad in a smart grey cassock-uniform with silvery hems. Thirteen stars encircle an insignia on the shoulder: a blindfolded lion bearing a sword in one paw and an olive branch in the other.

Standing quietly, the Dwarf is clad in a smart grey cassock-uniform with silvery hems. Thirteen stars encircle an insignia on the shoulder: a raven bearing a hammer in one talon and a globe in the other.

You see Perfect Storm Sebastienne Dane, a Human. Sebastienne has pouting lips and thick-lashed violet eyes. Her lavender-streaked black hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose. She has pale skin and a slender figure. She is tall for a Human. She is young for a Human. Angry red welts mar a tattoo of an iridescent pipevine butterfly across her neck and shoulder. The raised scars spiral across the insect's metallic indigo wings, forever spoiling the once vibrant imagery into something distorted and unsightly. She is in good shape.

Sinstra raises her palms and face to the heavens.

The opaque outline of a spectral bird roars into view, folding its fiery wings protectively around Sinstra. Its presence soon fades, although a fiery aura of light still emanates from around her.

Spell effects noted to quiet those few who claimed the inquisition were somehow secretly necromancers themselves.

Magan says, "Our family has never believed in religeons really." Sinstra says, "A terrible gamble, if I may say so." Magan asks, "Do we both not go to the same void when we die?" Sinstra says, "I am afraid your soul is bound for the Red Spiral instead of the Starry Road, if that is truly the case." You say to Sinstra, "Hello, I am Celitha of the Ilithi Court." You ask Sinstra, "What do you mean by the Red spiral?" Sinstra says, "I am Temple Inquisitress Sinstra." Ezah says, "We should be leaving soon, I think. But the ship's Master is supposed to be coming." Sinstra says, "Good." Ezah says, "Maybe I can find her." Ezah says, "That weird guy in the tower taught me how." Ezah says, "Oh there is a big thing, it is made of bones." Ezah says, "It looks pretty scary." You ask, "Is the Red spiral a place for necromancers?" Sinstra says to you, "The Red Spiral is where the souls of the wicked, unfaithful, and tainted go when they die. It is a crucible, which cleanses away the sin of a soul in a terrible, purifying fire. The Red Spiral is the domain of Aldauth." Sinstra says, "It is not a place you want to end up." Ezah says, "It sounds bad." Ezah exclaims, "Oh there she is!" Sentai says, "Coulda been your head." Caelumia says, "Yeah. Sorry." Caelumia says, "Nearly died." Ezah exclaims, "Oh that is bad!" Braunwen asks, "Anyone need healing while I'm here?" Caelumia says, "Only 13 favors right now. Died recently." Sinstra wryly asks, "One from each god?" Caelumia says, "All Idon I am afraid." Sinstra says, "Idon is strangely popular." Caelumia asks, "There is?" Caelumia says, "Feh." Caelumia asks, "Who?" Braunwen says, "Oh nice mana here." Kaedan says, "My, aren't we a merry crowd." Braunwen says to Kaedan, "Just for ye." Ezah asks, "Where is the man?" Caelumia says, "Riverhaven." Ezah says, "Oh, well that's pretty far away." Caelumia says, "I told him he'd have to make his own way. He's a moonie so it won't fuss him much." Ezah says, "There are those big hot mountains in the way." Caelumia says, "Volcanoes dearie." Ezah asks, "Oh, but is he a good swimmer?" Ezah says, "That's a really long way to swim." Caelumia says, "...yes. Yes he is." Caelumia says, "The best, in fact." You say to Caelumia, "Dazzle in conjuction with tezirah's veil seems to weaken the defenses of ravagers fairly well." Caelumia says, "I can't dazzle them even with veil up." Caelumia says, "They're magic resisters." Sinstra asks, "How is the town?" Sentai says, "Not too bad." Caelumia says, "It's coping. Most of the serious threats are dealt with." Ezah says, "What was that big bone thing? It was really big." Ezah says, "I saw you with it." Caelumia says, "Umm." Caelumia asks, "The ravager?" Sentai says, "Ravager." Sentai says, "A skeleton in plate armor." Sinstra says, "Nothing more than a puppet, albiet an oversized one." Braunwen says, "I hope they do nae crash the meeting." Zamara says, "With a big, mostly sharp axe." Caelumia says, "They can't make it out to Ratha without help." Ezah asks, "Oh goody, so they are bad at swimming?" Ezah exclaims, "Whew!" Caelumia says, "Yes." Sentai says, "Unless they are stow-aways." Caelumia says, "There aren't any stow-aways." Braunwen says, "They could use the Skirr." Braunwen says, "Or the Kree'la or Lybadel." Sentai says, "Those pirates had stow-aways, the ones who went to the bank." You say, "The have not the mind to do such." You say, "They." Caelumia says, "They captured one. Not quite the same thing." Sentai says, "Perhaps your right." Sinstra says, "I do not think any of the public ships would willingly allow an undead creature on board." Braunwen says, "I'm nae so sure of that." Braunwen says, "Undead invaded the ferries once." Sentai says, "They used to let Ragran on board." Braunwen says, "Ye should have seen all the traders try to run." Kaedan says, "Well, I think we're going to have an interesting time of it tonight." Caelumia says, "Yeah. Interesting." Braunwen says, "I hope it is nae going to be boring." Caelumia says, "There's no possible way this will be boring." Sinstra says, "Most likely not." Caelumia says, "When we got there, there were Inquisitors from some of the Houses." Caelumia says, "I didn't know they had those." Braunwen says, "I'll leave it in yer capable hands." Kaedan says, "Wear armor." Sinstra asks, "Oh, you did not?" Caelumia says, "No. I can't say the Redthornes ever mentioned...well..." Caelumia says, "Then again I didn't see the Redthornes represented." Braunwen asks, "When does the meeting start?" Magan says to Caelumia, "I read that book in the Cleric's library. I wonder why they didn't mention much about the Heralds." Caelumia says, "About 20 rois." Caelumia says, "I think." Braunwen asks, "Taisgath?" Caelumia says to Magan, "Heralds are sort of an...unknown." Caelumia says, "Yes. It's a shortcut." Braunwen asks, "I thought it was going to be on Ratha?" Braunwen says, "Oh." Caelumia says, "The temple is on the third tier and Taisgath has a moongate to the third tier on it." Magan asks, "Is there anywhere with more information on them, at least more than what was in that certain book?" Caelumia says, "Probably. But how much do you think is reliable." Braunwen says, "Ah." Caelumia says, "Problem with mythological figures is they are, well, mythological." Sinstra says, "Everyone sees beings of great power in their own way." Caelumia says, "Even when it comes to the Thirteen there are so many stories and tales that get passed down that it's hard to know what's true and what's not." Sinstra says, "Indeed." Sinstra says, "They are, however, all variations on a common theme, at least for each of the Immortals." Magan says, "I'm anxious to hear from the Inquisitors. I can finally hear from them first hand instead of from others." Sinstra says, "I would invite you to ask questions, but that is likely best saved for the discussion with everyone." Caelumia says to Sinstra, "I imagine many are afraid to ask too many questions." Caelumia says, "Better to err on the side of caution and all that." Sinstra says, "If one is not guilty of necromancy or willingly aiding it, then they have nothing to fear." Caelumia says, "I am not. But I was killed by the Hounds. I am still not sure why." Sinstra asks, "When was this?" Caelumia asks, "Ah... a week ago perhaps?" Caelumia says, "Came into my home. Scared the daylights out of my cat." Sinstra asks, "What happened, exactly?" Sinstra says, "And yes, they will break into homes." Caelumia says, "Teel was gwething some inane nonsense about how holy magic is like necromancy. I told her they're nothing alike and she was obviously confused. I assume I was simply swept up in the desire to do justice." Caelumia says, "I'm hardly pure and frankly given my issues with the Temple in the past that is getting off rather light." Sinstra says, "Ah, yes. If you are involved in an indepth discussion about necromancy, especially over the gwethdesuans, the hounds often eliminate all sides of said conversation." Caelumia says, "I see this now, yes." Sinstra says, "Necromancy is not a topic of discussion for the gwethdesuans. You can cause the weak-willed to become curious." Caelumia says, "No lasting damage." Caelumia says, "Join up and I will lead us there." Caelumia says to Sinstra, "And that may be true, but I feel as though I must impress upon people precisely how dangerous it is." Ventuul says to Sinstra, "It is good of you to join us. I am honored." Taeja says to Kaedan, "Hope you've been well." Szrael says, "Yes, thank you most sincerely, for coming." Sinstra says, "Of course." Sinstra says to Szrael, "Truthsayer." Szrael says, "We will begin shortly." Sinstra says, "Excellent." Sebastienne says to Szrael, "Thank you for allowing me to attend." Szrael says, "I will begin with a few words about the perils of Necromancy, after which Venda'tuul will address you briefly as well on a similar theme. Then we will attempt to have a civil discussion about the Inquisition, its goals, how it works, and its present accomplishments." Sebastienne says, "We can get to that later. For now I wish only to listen." Szrael says, "Perhaps these fellows from Zsikiel house will have a few words to say also. Sinstra is also here, from the Temple Inquisition in the High Temple in Zoluren." Sinstra says, "I will speak for the Inquisition." Szrael says, "I thank you all for coming. I will begin with a few words, as I said, followed by Venda'tuul." Szrael says, "'Throughout the ages, there has been a constant opposition to the forces of advancement, civilization, and order -- to the forces of life, for all intents and purposes. An affront to all that is divine and worthy of respect, a thing that would profane that which we most honor and cherish. There has always been an enemy, hidden away in the shadows, attempting to tear down all that we of Kermoria have built by working together and mastering our true potential.'." Szrael says, "This much is true." Szrael says, "Thus wrote Zamidren Book, in his work, 'The Undying Threat,' likely written before he turned his face from his goddess Murrula and was tainted to the core by knowledge of the very perversity that he sought to exterminate, and became a necromancer." Szrael says, "Time and time again, this cycle repeats itself. Zamidren, as a young man, thought himself strong enough to withstand this knowledge. He sought this knowledge, knowing that, as he wrote, his elders 'would pretend it did not exist at all' -- that his wise elders tried hardest to forget. His elders feared, and rightly so." Szrael says, "Zamidren wrote, 'The notion that understanding the source of their power will corrupt the heart and soul and transform a good man into an evil one... is merely a notion of their own devise, to frighten away would be champions of what is right.'." Szrael says, "Sadly, Zamidren himself is once again an example of a probably-righteous heart corrupted utterly by this dangerous, forbidden knowledge. Even good people who strive to understand Necromancy, if only to better fight it, are turned against themselves and all they love, tainted and twisted by its perversity." Szrael says, "Thus, the Inquisition. Like Rutilor, the Inquisition is a defender. The Inquisition defends against this dangerous knowledge, and does so with great ferocity. Many mistake this stalwartness, this ferocity, this drive to overcome for blind zealousness, egomania, or even sadism." Szrael says, "But the Inquisition merely defends as well it can against an enemy that can turn the mind upon itself, that can twist the will and forever taint the soul." Szrael says, "The inquisition does this in the face of insult, attack, lies, and slander, from many quarters. And yet, like Rutilor they are tireless in pursuing these threats to the forces of life, civilization and order." Szrael says, "Necromancy is a disease, plaguing the body of Kermoria. The undead thronging the trade roads of our mainlands, the attacks on our cities and citizens, these are all symptoms of this disease. The Inquisition seeks to drive this disease from the body." Szrael says, "And as I have learned in my medical studies, sometimes one must amputate a part in order to save the whole, though it grieve the physician and the patient. Thus, the inquisitorial purgings." Szrael says, "Sometimes we must remove a part, to save the whole. If we are steadfast and do not flinch, we cannot but prevail."

(Szrael draws silent, apparently finished speaking. She looks to Venda'tuul.)

Sinstra says, "Seeker." Ventuul says, "Rath'a saar." Ventuul says, "At it's heart, Necromancy is a twisted practice that is an attempt to gain unnatural power by a mage at the cost of our very existance. It is a perversion of the order established by the Immortals and is condemned by Seers as the end of Fate." Ventuul says, "Those who sift deeper and deeper into these abominable practices fall under the influence of powerful demons, horrors from other realms that seek only to dominate or destroy our own." Ventuul says, "It is due to these practices that Mages have seen the barriers between planes torn asunder, and the very Mana they use tainted with the perverse." Ventuul says, "As you know, the mainland is at war. A Lich of unfathomable power, possessed by a demon of unknown origin, has come to devour our world." Ventuul says, "Our routes are flooded with legions of undeath from the homelands of the Prydaen and Rakash, and their numbers are increased each time an undead horde breaks a city's walls." Ventuul says, "The Temples and the Mages of the Mainland work day and night to discover a way to end the Lich, but there is a battle that is waged within our very streets." Ventuul says, "A battle against the stealth of the perverse. Those who would continue these works under our very noses. It is for that reason we the Inquisition exists, and it is why we have come here today to speak with you." Ventuul says, "We are here in hopes that we can answer any questions you have about the Inquisition or the evils of Necromancy itself so that you, the good people of Qi'Reshalia, will be better fitted to protect your great province should evil lurk in your streets." Szrael says, "Thank you, Venda'tuul." Szrael asks Sinstra, "Have you anything to add?" Sinstra says, "I do, yes." Sinstra says, "Greetings, everyone. I am Sinstra, from the Crossing High Temple." Sinstra says, "I must make you aware that the undead you see plaguing the land are only a symptom of the problem. The tips of the twigs on the ends of the branches of what is a very large tree." Sinstra says, "Cut them off, it does very little good, and only for a short time. It must be taken out at the root." Diece asks, "Then... what are we here for?" Sebastienne says, "Shhh. Let her finish." Sinstra says, "To attack the disease at the source." Sinstra says, "Even leaving one last remnant in place will cause it to spring back anew." Sinstra says, "Now... I know that you may not find it as compelling a problem, since you are here on the islands and the undead threat is far away." Sinstra says, "However, there is necromancy, and there are necromancers, even here." Sinstra says, "If they are not flushed out, then you will have here what you see on the mainland." Sinstra asks, "You do not believe me?" Nonomis says, "I believe ye." Kristov says, "I haven't seen any." Vanmar says, "I believe." Sinstra says, "Every day, the realms are plagued with the screams of the dying." Cerval says, "Kristov is too young to remember what happened in Aesry's graveyard." Diece says, "I think we are very capable of defending our own land, especially from a non tangible opponent." Caelumia says, "The opponent is tangible." Caelumia asks, "You are all aware of the manastorms, perhaps?" Sinstra says, "The seeds are already here, and the opponent is very real. Just because your enemy is adept at hiding does not mean you should wait for them to strike." Diece says, "Lyras is. But I don't see us talking about attacking here." Lomelinde says, "I think we all believe you will find that what you want here if you look hard enough." Taeja says, "You talk about going for the root, but time and time again all we see are the deaths of "twigs." Caelumia says, "Lyras has touched this island as well." Szrael says, "Let us let the Temple Inquisitress finish." Sinstra asks, "You have seen many walk, stripped of their profane aegis, I trust?" Sinstra says, "Those are the roots." Taeja asks, "We've head of people being struck down by the hounds... are they too roots?" Sinstra says, "Indeed." Rozze asks, "Such as Caelumia?" Diece says, "Aye, so Caelumia." Taeja says, "Then why do i see half of them still walking about the crossing when I'm there." Diece says, "I saw you struck you down not... more than a week ago." Sinstra says, "Do not twist my words." Caelumia says, "Sinstra and I discussed the issue on the way over here. I am satisfied with her explanation, as should you all be." Kristov asks, "Who are these Necromancers and what dire acts have you been able to prove them guilty of I wonder?" Caelumia says, "But I appreciate your concern, thank you." Sinstra says, "Let me make this abundantly clear, as well." Sinstra says, "Those that are taken to the Red Buzzard Dungeon are not there for a trial. If they are there, they have already been found guilty." Sinstra says, "They are there for questioning and execution." Sinstra says, "The only one to escape that fate is this woman you see here." Sebastienne says, "I will tell you all about the dungeon when I am permitted to speak." Rozze says, "I wasn't present for an explanation. I was held over healing the wounded in Crossing." Szrael says, "When the Inquisitress Sinstra has finished speaking, we will see if these from Zsikiel have anything to add. Then I will open the floor to one person at a time. There are too many of us for us to speak on top of eachother." Szrael says, "Please be silent until she has finished." Sinstra says, "I speak for the Zsikiel as well." Szrael says, "Please go on, Poho." Sinstra says, "Know this... those that cross over to the Starry Road from the dungeon are able to find some measure of peace because of what we do. We are not interested in making it pleasant... We are interested in the result." Sinstra says, "As well, the Hounds can be quite zealous sometimes, and those that are killed by them are being punished for a very real crime. It is not the same as being taken to the dungeon." Sinstra says, "I believe I am finished, Truthsayer." Szrael says, "Thank you for addressing us, Poho." Szrael says, "Now, if you wish to address the assembly, please whisper to me. We will go one at a time." Szrael says, "Or ask questions, or the like." Szrael says, "The woman Sebastienne wishes to make a statement." Sinstra says, "I am willing to answer what questions I can, and we will not bring the Hounds upon you." Sebastienne says, "As Sinstra stated, I have been a guest of the Red Buzzard Dungeon. Allow me to share the details for the first time." Sebastienne says, "For I feel they demonstrate my opinion on the Inquisition, which is: right message, wrong method." Sebastienne says, "I was imprisoned in Shard's dungeon when I was taken -- illegally I might add -- by this woman." Bronxrian asks, "Why do you still live?" Sinstra says, "The internal conflicts of Ilithi are not my concern. We took you legally and with permission from the High Tower." Sebastienne says, "Brought before Khurek, forced to my knees, and subjected to a torment that goes beyond 'torture' which is the word often used to describe it. Interrogation, another word used." Sebastienne says to Sinstra, "I allowed you to finish speaking, please show me the same courtesy. Cierzen would disagree with you and he is the law in Shard." Sinstra says, "Very well, continue." Sebastienne says, "Khurek asked no questions of me. Aldauth did." Sebastienne says, "I was subjected to a ritual that even now I can not totally describe -- I was dazed with pain for most of it -- but you can see the result on my neck if you care to look at me closely." Sebastienne says, "In short, I had a god dig through my memories to look for signs of corruption. Fine. We all know I am not a nice person." Kristov says, "Ruined a lovely piece of art they did." Sebastienne says, "What we also know is that I am not a spellcaster." Sebastienne asks, "I recognize almost every face in this crowd. Many of you have spent a significant amount of time with me. Hands up, who has seen me cast a spell?" Sebastienne asks, "Even the smallest cantrip?" Sebastienne says, "Yet they brought me to a place where I was expected to walk. KNOWING that I was not, could not, be a necromancer." Sebastienne says, "Let me state it again -- they thought I was going to die. They WANTED me to die. Despite not being a part of what they wish to stamp out." Sebastienne says, "And what did it gain them? Nothing at all. I still live. The scar is painful, and I suspect they take some satisfaction from that..." Sebastienne asks, "But really, you want to know what was learned in the dungeon that day?" Sebastienne says, "All we learned was that even Aldauth can not kill me." Mazrian dryly asks, "So you were totally, completely innocent of all wrongdoing when you were brought in?" Sebastienne says, "Please do not be stupid Mazrian. We know what I am, we know what I do." Sebastienne says, "We also know what I do not do, and that is use mana. Which I believe is a requirement for necromancy." Diece says, "Point she is making is... she not a necromancer... nor has any ties to necromancy..." Mazrian asks, "And you're innocent of what you were accused of by Khurek, I suppose?" Szrael says, "Please let her finish speaking."

Sinstra continues watching Sebastienne with an expressionless gaze on her face.

Sebastienne asks, "Do you see me having tea with Xerasyth?" Ventuul asks, "Aldauth did, did he not?" Sebastienne says, "The only connection to Xerasyth that any of you KNOW I have is that I was abducted by him and tortured by one of his creations." Sinstra says, "Shh. Let her finish speaking." Sebastienne says, "Damning evidence indeed." Sebastienne says, "And yet I come here tonight to see what I can do to make things right." Sebastienne says, "Many seem to think I am beyond redemption. Perhaps I am not. I hope to speak with the Inquisition about that later." Sebastienne says, "In the meantime, understand the point of my speech here tonight. You attract their attention and they will attempt to walk you REGARDLESS of your innocence or guilt." Sebastienne says, "Again, right message -- necromancy is an awful thing. Wrong method. The innocent do not need to die to punish the guilty." Sebastienne says, "I am finished." Kristov says, "I wonder if their victims have committed the atrocities they visited upon you Sebastienne." Sebastienne says, "I do not know any of their other victims, so I can not comment on that." Caelumia asks, "I fought Khurek. When Cierzen was taken I fought and killed him and stole his weapon. I destroyed that weapon, which I later found out was imbued with holy power. I've yet to see the inside of that dungeon. Why do you think that is, if they are just looking for excuses to spill blood?" Sebastienne says to Caelumia, "Why have you not seen the inside of the dungeon? Because you are very careful about who you cast Sever Thread around." Szrael says to Sebastienne, "Yes, you have committed many crimes, among them spying for the half-Lich." Caelumia says, "An amusing but old and tired accusation." Sinstra says, "Thank you, Sebastienne, for sharing your thoughts on this topic. It is true, you are no necromancer. However, that is also not what you were brought in for." Sebastienne says to Sinstra, "Yet you attempted to destroy me anyway." Sinstra says to Sebastienne, "You released undeath upon this very city." Sinstra says, "When you do that, it matters little whether you did the casting of the spells." Sebastienne says, "I did. It was a mistake. I am not infallible. It does not mean my soul is corrupt, it certainly does not mean it is beyond redemption." Szrael says, "One may aid the growth of this tree without being a part of it." Sebastienne says, "I should also point out that I was the one who put her down." Caelumia says, "A mistake? You admitted it. You were proud of it. You said you'd do it again, as I recall." Sebastienne says, "As I have done many times." Sebastienne says to Caelumia, "I also said I would punish everyone and anyone after my release from the dungeon. Yet I have done little but nurse my wounds and meditate since my release. Sometimes we say things we do not mean." Ventuul says to Sebastienne, "Yet you did so to see these people suffer from the profane, and when you were brought in, Aldauth saw even more inside you." Ventuul says to Sebastienne, "Perhaps you could share the rest of what the Inquisitor already revealed to the public of Zoluren." Sebastienne says, "I am making my amends here on Ratha. It will be a long road, but it has begun. They are the ones I hurt, and they are the ones who should decide when I have done enough." Sebastienne asks, "What would you have me share?" Bronxrian asks, "Maybe just be quiet?" Bronxrian says, "I thought it was a question, so it seemed like a good answer." Taeja says, "You were wrong." Sinstra says, "I do wish to hear if she has anything further to add." Diece says, "It was in response to what Ventuul just said." Ventuul says to Sebastienne, "You claim that the only connection we know of between Xerasyth and yourself was the torture you endured there. But the Inquisitor informed others of more than that. Perhaps you can share that." Sebastienne says, "I am a professional sir. It would be very bad for business if I spoke openly of my previous jobs. It is why I have not told so, so many of Shard's secrets." Caelumia says, "Every time you have been asked if it was true you have evaded the question." Caelumia says, "You did so when I asked, and just now when Mazrian and Venda'tuul have asked." Caelumia says, "I know this tactic. I'm very good at it myself." Ventuul says, "And as a professional, it would be in poor taste for me not to inform these good people of Qi that you were indeed found to have done jobs for the Necromancer, Xerasyth." Sebastienne says, "Yes I have. You either believe Khurek or you do not. I will not confirm or deny a thing regarding my work as an agent." Diece exclaims, "You most certainly are, Caelumia!" Sinstra says to Sebastienne, "If you have knowledge of the Necromancers Xerasyth and Zamidren, sharing such would go a long way toward your own personal redemption." Juzi asks, "Are we talking about Sahfra?" Ventuul says to Sebastienne, "Then your seeking redemption is a falsehood, and that is now revealed to these good people." Caelumia says, "Perhaps Qi has been unaware of all of this. I saw shocked faces after all." Sebastienne asks, "As I told Ventuul and Szrael the other day, I am willing to discuss what must be done to redeem myself. But any such thing will likely be a sensitive matter and it is not something that should be discussed in front of a large crowd, hmm?" Szrael says, "Very well." Szrael asks Sebastienne, "Have you anything more to say, woman?" Sebastienne says, "No." Sinstra says, "Let us move on, then." Szrael says, "Magan wished to speak." Magan asks, "Thank you. Yes, a question. You spoke of removing the roots, not just the twigs. What exactly can those of us who are not inquisitors do?" Sinstra says to Magan, "Find those who would call themselves necromancers, or those who are tempted toward that path." Magan asks, "And if I knew one?" Szrael says, "Yes, keep your wits about you, and look for suspicious activities." Sinstra says to Magan, "Attempt to sway them from their heretical ways. If they cannot be swayed, accuse them to the guards. The guards will take care of the rest." Sinstra says, "If they are truly found guilty of this outrage, the hounds will come for them." Magan asks, "I see. Would there be anything else, other than this?" Magan says, "Or do your Inquisitors have it... under hand." Sinstra says, "Only this. Be careful that you are correct in your accusations. As many have already said, we do not want to involve innocents." Sinstra says, "The Hounds are not a tool for vengeance. Only justice." Magan says, "Then my question is answered. Thank you." Szrael says, "We must all work together if we are to prevail, the more the citizens can help, the better. Though of course one must avoid stirring up angry mobs." Rizitel asks, "And what if there is a mistake, does that constitute consent?" Sinstra asks, "Consent for what?" Rizitel says, "Death to the accuser." Sinstra says, "If there is truly a mistake, you will be accused in turn, of disturbing the peace." Taeja asks, "Will you be killed in turn as well?" Sinstra says, "Most likely not." Sinstra says, "You will, however, get a hefty fine." Kristov exclaims, "Death! to those disturbing the peace!" Taeja says, "That hardly seems fair." Szrael says, "It is a weighty accusation, but if one remembers that the accuser wishes only to help, it is easier to bear." Szrael says, "I have also never heard of anyone being killed for disturbing the peace." Diece says, "Thats better." Szrael says, "If that answers your questions, then we will move on." Szrael says, "Caelumia wished to speak." Caelumia says, "Venda'tuul touched on the issue, but I will elaborate a little bit." Caelumia says, "There are some that seem to think that we should only care about necromancers such as Lyras without realizing that the path of necromancy inevitably leads to that." Kristov asks, "Does it?" Kristov says, "Sorry." Caelumia says, "The threads of the Web cringe in sympathy. When we look at them, when we see visions of where their fate leads..." Caelumia says, "It is to the demon that Lyras follows, or other demons like it. And those demons mean death and destruction." Caelumia says, "Not just for once city or province but for this entire plane." Sinstra says, "To belabour the tree analogy further, Lyras is the oak that is already fully grown. We must remove the saplings and those seeds which have not sprouted as well." Caelumia says, "If you care for nothing else, care for your own continued existence." Caelumia says, "Because if the Necromancers are allowed to flourish and have their way there will be nothing left. Everything, from the most basic matter to the most refined energies, will wither and die." Caelumia says, "Moon Mages should especially know what I mean." Caelumia says, "It affects everyone. So I do hope to see the cooperation of Ratha." Caelumia says to Szrael, "That is all for me." Szrael says, "Thank you for speaking." Szrael says, "You make many good points." Szrael says, "Braunwen wished to speak." Braunwen asks, "I was wondering if a necromancer accuses someone of necromancy what will happen to them?" Braunwen asks, "Will the hounds see through that farse?" Szrael says, "That would take some incredible gall." Braunwen says, "True, but I can see it happening." Szrael says, "But in general, I think you'll be dealing with your local constalburies." Braunwen says, "Understood." Szrael says, "The Hounds will likely only involve themselves if a Necromancer is successfully found." Arandrowse calmly asks, "And the Gall to take command of the undead?" Sinstra says, "Hrm. Interesting scenario. Likely they will both be arrested. And yes, it would take incredible gall, but necromancers are already touched in the head." Taeja says, "Quick and easy way to cause pain to someone you dislike..." Braunwen says, "Or an enemy they want to get out of the way." Szrael says, "It is certainly not a charge to make lightly." Braunwen says, "True." Ventuul says, "Not a good situation for the Necromancer, putting himself in such a position." Sinstra says, "It is not a charge to make lightly, no." Taeja says, "Why not, you just get fined if it doesn't work." Nonomis says, "Why cant i just kill it." Kristov says, "It will be taken lightly, wait and see." Braunwen says, "That was all I had." Gitta asks, "Why not just kill Lyras and her generals then purge the underlings?" Szrael says, "If someone you know to be a necromancer comes into a city, I think it is best to point them out to the guards before they can get up to any such nonsense." Sinstra dryly says, "You are welcome to try that." Szrael says, "So we must be very vigilant when it comes to that sort of thing." Magan says to Gitta, "I'm sure if it was that simple..." Caelumia says to Gitta, "We are working on a solution - and we are close." Zamara sarcastically says to Gitta, "Lead the charge." Szrael asks Braunwen, "Does that answer your question?" Sebastienne says to Gitta, "A number of us here tonight have killed her before, and all of her underlings. They have a habit of standing back up." Gitta says, "Well I am a healer." Nonomis says, "And ye get thrown in jail." Gitta says, "So there for I can not kill." Liurilias says to Gitta, "I wouldn't be so sure of that quite yet." Caelumia says, "Many have attempted to accuse the Temple of going after the ants while doing nothing about the queen, so to speak. But the Temple is doing much about Lyras as well." Sinstra says, "I would say that our Truthsayer has proven otherwise." Caelumia says, "They fail to understand that they are all part of the same problem, though." Taeja says, "Oh but dear sister why not just corrupt your powers and sleep people and drag them off." Gitta says, "And too shock for it to I am sure." Szrael says to Gitta, "There are loopholes." Diece says, "Well, yeah." Szrael says, "I will tell you if you are interested after we conclude." Szrael says, "I think we will move on however." Diece says, "From what I understand empaths won't get shocked for attacking undeath.." Zamara says, "No." Gitta says, "I like healing not harming unless my avenger protecting me." Diece says, "Yeah, I don't know much about it so." Zamara says, "The undead were once living, and retain too much of their life within them." Szrael says, "Next up is Kalnean." Kalnean says, "Good morning." Kalnean says, "I was curious about your reference to giving those whose profane ageis you stripped some measure of peace." Kalnean asks, "These souls that you send on to the starry road - if you give them some peace, yet in life they flee your power, could it be surmised that perhaps necromancy could be viewed as a force in and of itself in some way?" Kalnean says, "Or to put another way, there is a specific and potentially targetable driving force that attempts to infect elanthia with necromancy." Caelumia says to Kalnean, "The confound in this case is demonic." Sinstra says to Kalnean, "The profane aegis is a demonic taint that usurps the will of the gods. Nothing more, nothing less." Gitta says, "Well then every shifting empath is a necromancer." Gitta says, "Including your truthsayer." Kristov says, "So sayeth the servants of the gods." Sinstra says, "I am not sure what you intend to say by that, but it is most certainly not true." Cerval says, "Please have a clue about what you speak before opening your mouth." Gitta says, "So there for you cast judgement you should not." Diece asks, "I was going to say... could someone explain the difference between what empaths do and what necromancers do?" Diece says, "Seems they are very similair." Sinstra says, "They are not similar at all." Zamara says, "One changes life, one forces life into things which should not have it." Diece says, "Okay then, I would love an explanation, but not a empath or a necromancer." Zamara says, "Last I checked a cleric was still needed to revive a body healed by an empath." Diece says, "Er, being not..." Sinstra dryly says, "Truthsayer, perhaps you can explain this." Kristov asks, "So it's like a mix of shifting and rezurrection?" Zamara says, "It is sorcery." Gitta asks, "What is shifting?" Diece says, "I am very curious as to how this is answered." Zamara says, "An unnatural bending of the elements of life with other forces." Szrael says, "Personally, I do not know enough about how Necromancers go about their perverse works, but I have been tortured and maimed by a Necromancer." Diece says, "Ah, so ignorance." Szrael says, "Empathy is a natural part of every sentient being." Szrael says, "We all begin with some measure of supernatural Empathy." Diece says, "I don't know how we plan to fight something we don't even understand..." Caelumia quietly says, "I am out of brandy. This is very bad." Gitta says, "OK, so wy was shifting outlawed and considered necromancy." Zamara says, "Because of Jomay." Szrael says, "What Xerasyth did to me, was the work of someone utterly lacking Empathy." Caelumia says to Gitta, "It isn't considered necromancy." Cerval says, "It was never considered Necromancy." Zamara says, "Because of those that could become like her." Caelumia says to Kristov, "Thank you but I don't drink absinthe." Szrael says, "Necromancers do not create, they pervert." Gitta says, "But it is used to change a body. Wether willingly or not by patient." Rozze says, "Necromancy can be something of a damn. A spirit can actually be trapped with it, preventing the natural cycle of life." Kristov says, "So raising bodies with soul is okay, without is not." Zamara says to Szrael, "Arguable much of what Jomay did was a perversion as well, but I do not believe shifting to be on par with necromancry." Gitta says, "And from what you speak it is necromancy." Cerval says, "Only one person can do it unwillingly." Caelumia says, "Necromancy is not a crime simply because it is unnatural. Most of what spellcasters do is arguably unnatural. That is not why it is evil." Zamara says to Gitta, "My gods do not reject me from practicing my skills as an empath." Caelumia says, "Mine haven't rejected me for ripping reality a new one now and then, either." Gitta says, "And neither do mine, but I do not pray to the 13, I pray to the Gods of my people Eu, Demriss and Tenemlor." Szrael says, "Necromancers attempt to usurp and pervert the works of the Gods, to defy it and step outside of it." Diece asks, "Oh.. and what is shifting?" Gitta says, "Stare at me all you want." Caelumia says, "An extension of Empathy, which is again a force that is naturally present in every sentient being." Gitta says, "Lyras chased my people from thier home." Kristov asks, "So what do the gods find so disturbing about people in dark robes playing with dead bodies?" Sentai asks, "Lyras is known to be in league with demonic forces. Have other notable necromancers been perceived to be under influence from another plane as well?" Szrael says, "Let us bring some order to this discussion." Gitta says, "You think I like the idea of necromancy you got another thing comin." Sinstra says, "Please." Caelumia says to Sentai, "Yes." Diece says, "Sounds like we just changed the definition of something to fit what we believe is okay." Diece says, "But your the inquisitors." Szrael says, "I believe Cerval had something to say on this matter. Please hear him out." Diece says, "So I guess i'll leave it up to you to decide what is right and wrong." Cerval says, "It seems that some people here are confused to exactly what Necromancy in fact is." Cerval says, "So i will explain it in a very basic way, then we can move forward from there." Cerval says, "All spell patterns use mana, a specific type...and they are not meant to be mixed." Cerval says, "That is why when you do mix mana, there is always a chance of backlash." Cerval says, "Necromancers, through some method or another, become so twisted, that they form spell patterns WITH mixed mana." Kristov says, "Sorcery." Ventuul says, "A form of it, yes." Cerval says, "Necromancy is Sorcery, but not all Sorcery is Necromancy." Cerval says, "Necromancy is a specific subset of Sorcery, in which Life mana is involved." Cerval says, "Which, is why you may seem some similarities with Empaths...however...that is where the similarities end." Cerval says, "Again, in a very crude form of explanation." Caelumia says, "Keeping in mind that most guilded people running around casting Energy Manacles and what-have-you as much sorcerers as Cerval is a housecat. There are similarities, but to be a true sorcerer is...something else." Cerval says, "They take what an Empath does...and twist it into a horrible unnatural new formation." Cerval says, "Now, to the more specific question...that of shifting.." Kristov asks, "Horrible and unnatural? Have you seen moon mages cast spells?" Juzi says, "Go ar." Cerval says, "I will explain a small bit, what i know from scholastic study and conversing with those that know the ability." Sinstra says, "Moon magic, while often dangerous, strange, or deadly, is not necromantic." Cerval says, "Shifting is a natural extention of Empathy, in which Empaths can affect a change on another person." Cerval says, "Only one person has been able to do that by force...and that is Jomay." Cerval says, "Who knows what dabbling in other circles she did to be able to force that ability." Kristov says, "I'm just not seeing why unnatural and horrible are adjectives used to describe WHY necromancy is bad...seeing how it's practiced by certain guilds." Cerval says, "Necromancy is not practiced by any guilds." Kristov says, "I'm getting the life mana part." Kristov says, "Horrible and unnatural effects are used by guilds." Cerval says, "We get the point Kristov, these proceedings are far beyond your ken, but you don't have to announce it so with every statement you make." Diece says, "I like my magics." Szrael says, "Please be respectful if you can." Caelumia asks Cerval, "May I?" Diece says, "I was late on that, sorry." Caelumia says, "Advanced magical patterns operate by way of confounds. These are external forces that modify the magician's magical attempts. For Moon Mages this is their link to the Plane of Probability. For Empaths it's Empathy." Caelumia says, "For necromancers, it's extraplanar world-devouring demons that want to kill us all." Caelumia asks, "Clear?" Kristov says, "So it's the communion with devils that we find offensive...I get it." Caelumia says, "If you don't understand why it's bad to traffic with demons that WANT US ALL DEAD I don't know what to say to you." Kristov says, "Sure I understand that part. No one had actually said that before you though." Szrael says, "Caelumia is a good teacher." Cerval says, "They've been saying it for the entire meeting." Szrael says, "Let us move on, if everyone is satisfied." Kristov says, "Demons bad, gotcha." Szrael says, "Hrethgar wished to speak." Hrethgar says to Szrael, "Thank you Szrael." Hrethgar calmly says to Sinstra, "I am no sympathizer of the Necromancers." Hrethgar guardedly asks Sinstra, "Yet I am also not sure how to feel about the Inquisition. Should we trade a distant shadowy organization for another shadowy organization in our backyard?" Hrethgar firmly asks Sinstra, "I for one am suspicious of those that claim to have our best interests in mind. Why are individual citizens deemed so incapable in defending their lands that the Inquisition much watch them like a mother watches a child? In what ways can the Inquisitors' power be held accountable by the people they protect?" Sinstra says to Hrethgar, "What exactly is shadowy about what we do? We have power because the people will it." Diece says, "Well said, Hrethgar." Hrethgar asks Sinstra, "Will I be allowed to tour the dungeons, then?" Sinstra says, "Lyras has shown us exactly why what we do is needed." Kristov says, "This just begs the question." Ventuul asks Sinstra, "May I address the Paladin?" Diece asks, "Woah... am I the only one seeing something very wrong with them talking to each other...?" Sinstra says, "My apologies." Diece exclaims, "The world is unraveling right between our eyes!" Szrael says, "The Inquisition -are- citizens. They do not stop being citizens because they strive to stamp out necromancy." Sinstra says, "I missed whatever was just said." Ventuul asks Sinstra, "May I address the question put forth by the Paladin?" Hrethgar asks Szrael, "Might I ask why a special organization is needed then? Can't we all be part-time Inquisitors and call it a day?" Cerval says, "The Gods will the Inquisition as well." Caelumia says, "In Crossing, the Temple operates with the full blessing and backing of Ulf'hara Keep. As we can see several Inquisitors from the Houses here, I can only assume the Inquisitors operate here with the full backing of the Council of Nine." Hrethgar says to Cerval, "My Goddess does not." Cerval says, "Then you don't know your Goddess as well as you think." Sebastienne says to Hrethgar, "The inquisition does not believe that you are strong enough to tend to your own soul's well being." Kristov says, "Thems fightin words." Diece says, "This is getting... really hard to pay attention to." Ventuul says to Hrethgar, "Why is an organization needed at any point? It is for Order. The Inquisition has not been lurking in the shadows, their works have been very public." Szrael says, "And yes, many times, strong minds have been perverted by Necromancy. We must all watch out for eachother." Ventuul says to Hrethgar, "It is supported by Governments, and started by the High Temple." Rozze asks, "May I ask two very brief and simple questions?" Szrael says to Rozze, "I will add you to my list. It is shorter than it was." Ventuul asks Hrethgar, "While I can understand your concerns about visiting dungeons, what if every concern was held by every group with any form of power? Will I be allowed into the Baron's chambers, or the Ferdhal's? Whenever I wish?" Sentian asks, "Under whos rule or authority does look function?" Ventuul says to Hrethgar, "There are simply limitations." Sentian says, "Oops." Arandrowse calmly asks, "Who watches the watcher?" Caelumia says, "The Immortals do, I daresay." Sinstra says, "The Immortals watch us." Szrael says, "Yes." Caelumia says, "I'm amused by how many insist they have intimate knowledge of the will of the Immortals - moreso than their chosen representatives." Szrael says, "Lomelinde wished to speak." Hrethgar asks Ventuul, "If I am clapped in irons tomorrow and are dragged to the dungeon under charges of Necromancy, will I have any recourse?" Ventuul says to Hrethgar, "As a holy warrior, I hope you will assist us in the removal of necromancers." Arandrowse calmly asks, "Yet still, who Watches the Watchers?" Kaedan asks, "Where does your right to any recourse come from?" Hrethgar says to Kaedan, "A fine question." Hrethgar says, "I don't mean to be belligerent, and I appreciate all your answers. I just feel hard questions should be asked." Szrael says, "Only those guilty of heinous crimes need fear the Dungeon, as the Inquisitress already said." Ventuul says to Hrethgar, "Those put in the dungeons are those already found guilty. Not only do I suspect you will never get there, though you jest, only those who work with such evil arrive there." Nonomis asks, "What if i witness said sorcery outside city walls, can i keel em than?" Kristov says, "Except Sebastienne of course." Lomelinde says, "I only have a simple question at this point in two parts as it is hard to understand this entirely." Hrethgar says to Szrael, "Thank you for hearing my question." Kristov asks, "The exception that proves the rule?" Sebastienne says to Kristov, "Being a political target is apparently a heinous enough crime." Cerval says, "Sebastienne was found guilty of a crime lesser than Necromancy, and her life was spared, obviously." Szrael says to Lomelinde, "Please, ask." Lomelinde asks, "First how are you able to see these necromancers for what they are? Is there some special gift we are not all privy to?" Sebastienne exclaims to Cerval, "Did you listen to anything I said when I spoke? I was not spared I was burned alive!" Sebastienne says, "I was stripped of all favors by some artifact they have down there." Caelumia says, "Funny you should ask." Szrael says, "Please let Lomelinde speak." Sebastienne says, "Hmph." Sinstra says, "I can answer that question." Cerval says, "Yet your soul was returned to it's body, sounds like a better outcome than any other down there had." Sinstra says, "I do not exactly have a necromancer here to demonstrate, but a profane taint is visible with magic when necromancy is performed." Diece asks, "Are moon mages able to sense such things when we percieve?" Sinstra says, "It should be easily percievable, yes, especially if they do work that visibly corrupts the body. At that point, magic is not even needed." Sinstra says, "In particular, a glance at someone's eyes can tell the worst kinds." Lomelinde asks, "And secondly, as I am a simple man that does not always understand the world, how can we convince those who would think you are using the vacuum of power created with the passing of the dear Prince to gain more power unto yourselves?" Caelumia says, "Like that pair Khurek chased into Empaths." Kristov says, "I thought you said it was the consorting that was bad." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "I think these spectacles do the trick, it in the bottom of my popcorn bag from the theatre shop in ratha." Szrael says to Lomelinde, "The Inquisition was formed before Vorclaf's passing, and he sanctioned it." Lomelinde says, "And it has grown strong since." Sinstra says, "There is no vacuum of power. We operate under the graces of the Princess, just as we do the rulers of the other provinces." Lomelinde says, "Thank you for the answer, you are most kind." Szrael says, "Kristov wished to speak." Kristov says, "I have a few related questions actually." Kristov asks, "First, how many necromancers have you put to the question?" Kristov says, "Estimates are fine if you cannot recall the exact numbers." Sinstra says, "Dozens, easily." Kristov asks, "So you have found many people possessed of demons and consorting, did these people receive some for of trial?" Kristov asks, "What types of evidence did you have?" Sinstra says to Kristov, "Of course they recieved fair trial. As for evidence, the taint upon their soul was clear enough." Rozze says to Kristov, "In all fairness, the last one I saw simply tried to kill us all." Szrael says, "What the Inquisition does is condoned by the rulers of each place they operate." Szrael asks Kristov, "Did you have further questions?" Szrael says, "A number of people are still waiting." Kristov says, "Just one one more." > Szrael says, "That is part of why we are having this meeting." Cerval says, "The Islands have been spared so far." Cerval says, "You don't even have undead plagueing your roads." Sinstra says, "Well, you ARE in Ratha. These people also tend to make themselves well hidden." Diece says, "I think we'd like to keep it that way." Szrael says, "You may now consider yourself informed." Ventuul says to Kristov, "Many of the people here from the mainland are not unaware of these things." Kristov says, "I've been in crossing recently as well." Cerval says, "Apparently you missed that the force behind Necromancy is demonic and plane-destroying as well." Caelumia says, "That it is insidious and often hidden is part of why it is so dangerous." Cerval says, "So your ignorance isn't exactly small in it's scope." Szrael says, "Zoluren was recently plagued by profane drawings in blood." Kristov says, "The undead are from Lyras's army, I have in fact made some money from the creatures." Szrael says, "And the Moon Mages have had very troubling visions about Necromancers forming some sort of cabal." Szrael says, "There is definitely some sort of conspiracy at work, which the Inquisition works to root out and destroy." Szrael says, "The signs are everywhere." Kristov says, "I understand the problem with Lyras I'm just not seeing the conspiracy part." Caelumia says, "Our visions have revealed as much." Sinstra says to Kristov, "One can often ignore the cockroaches beneath the streets, but that does not mean they do not exist." Szrael says, "Since there are others waiting, we will move on." Kristov says, "In fact I think the visions the Moon mages have been fairly..." Szrael says, "But if you wish to discuss the conspiracy further, we can do that after everyone has spoken." Caelumia says, "Straightforward, really. I've offered my own sets of interpretations based on piles of data I would be delighted to share after the meeting." Szrael says, "Caelumia in particular can tell you about the visions." Ventuul says, "Currently, the Necromancer numbers have been made smaller by the Inquisition. The Necromancer, Zamidren Book, is known by Seers to be working with various Necromancers to protect themselves." Kristov says, "Very well." Ventuul says, "So the conspiracy itself is known." Szrael says, "Celitha is next." You ask, "I was just wondering if the Hounds are limited to Zoluren or not ?" Sinstra says to you, "We go wherever we are sanctioned to." Sinstra says, "For clarification..." You say, "That was all I was curious about currently." Sinstra says, "While similar, the Hounds and the Inquisition are not exactly the same." Sinstra says, "We have the same goal in mind, of course, but we do not exactly command the hounds of 'now kill this person'. Our goal is the final death and elimination of necromancers, not temporary ones." Sinstra says, "Anyway, continue." Szrael says, "Rozze wished to speak." Szrael says, "Please, speak." Rozze asks, "Is the ultimate goal of the Inquisition to protect people?" Sinstra says, "It is to protect the world." Sinstra says, "Know this..." Kristov says, "From bad evil knowledge." Rozze asks, "Fair enough. Do you think this should be made evident in the behavior of folks who vocally support the Inquisition?" Traim says to Kristov, "Or the destruction of reality." Traim dryly says, "Either or." Rozze asks, "What I mean is, is that important?" Szrael says, "Please, let the Inquisitress speak." You hear a cheerful voice say, "I have one question, as well." Sinstra asks Rozze, "If necromancy is not stopped at its roots, every living creature in this world will die. One woman caused the death of an entire civilization with her necromancy. One. A single woman. Do we really want more doing this?" Daneoth says, "There is truth to that statement, for sure." Szrael says, "Whoever, you are, you must wait your turn, and show yourself, like everyone else." Kristov says, "Why aren't more doing it since there are so many of them." Rozze says, "I think I understand your answer." Daneoth says, "I don't think any of us are here to argue that necromancy isn't dangerious. I think most of us here just question the inquistion, and their tatics." Magan asks, "If the ultimate goal of the Inquisition is to protect the world. Then one could conclude that ultimately the inquisition does not care whom may die, innocent or not, in order to do so?" Cerval asks Kristov, "Why aren't you a True Bard yet?" Sinstra says, "We do care about the innocent, and take measures to ensure they are spared." Szrael says, "That is everyone, except whomever was speaking from hiding." Caelumia says, "I would point out that though the leaders of the Inquisition and Hounds are divinely inspired they are still mortals." Magan asks Sinstra, "But if it came to it. That many innocents must die to help preserve the world, you would see it out?" Caelumia asks, "Are all of you free of sin, and have you never made a single mistake?" Nonomis says, "Never." Daneoth says, "Were islanders. We are not flawed." Szrael says, "Frediwyn wished to speak." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "My question is this." Szrael says, "We must finish soon however as I think we are all tired." Frediwyn cheerfully asks, "I think it's safe to say that the most respected paladin on the islands is noneother than Elfverhan. Everyone trusts him and everyone respects his words and kindness. But if Elfverhan isn't convinced by the words of you who act on behalf of fighting blasphemy, why should I accept your words?" Diece says, "I knew we were missing somebody.." Diece says, "Where is that Elf anyway." Sinstra says, "I do not know who Elfverhan is." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "He is about." Kristov says, "He couldn't make it, he wanted us to take notes." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "But i don't see him here." Caelumia slowly asks, "You could let him speak for himself instead of making implications on his behalf that he may not agree with?" Sinstra says, "On the contrary, I assume that as he is not here to protest, he gives his agreement with us." Kristov says, "He told me over the gweth before the meeting started." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "No implications...merely questions." Kristov says, "Well not me specifically." Diece asks, "Ooh so its okay for you to speak for those that aren't here though?" Kristov says, "I'm just relaying his request to keep notes." Kristov says, "I don't speak for him." Diece says, "All his absence means is that he couldn't make it, or chose not to." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "Seems there's one standard for the inquisition and one for others." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "My question is answered." Frediwyn cheerfully says, "Thank you." Sinstra says, "Interesting." Sinstra asks, "Are we finished, then?" Diece says, "Here we go." Kaedan says to Frediwyn, "You're the one who runs around on the gweth, blabbing about how you know a young necromancer. Your words mean little." Szrael says, "Well, I believe it was evening when we started, and now it is morning." Szrael says, "I think we are all weary." Szrael says, "I thank you all for coming, and listening with open minds." Szrael says, "You have all given me much to consider myself, and I thank you." Revildebul softly says, "Very informative..." You say to Szrael, "Thank you for arranging this." Revildebul softly says to Szrael, "Thank you." Szrael says, "Hopefully we all understand one another better, and can work together to remove this scourge from our lands, here and everywhere." Sinstra says, "I really ought to get back. I have three prisoners waiting in the dungeon."


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