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random bit to share · on 09/23/2013 01:06 PM CDT 4512
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Joking off hand comment in Plat that led to this information, but I figure it might be interesting for Necros. I don't think it's anything to look too deeply into, and Esado may have just been talking tough, but still interesting!

You ask Esado, "So, can your whispery talent thing tell a crab to turn into a fish?"

You grin at Esado. Ryken raises an eyebrow. Esado laughs! Ryken says, "Telling something isn't the hard part, getting it to obey might be though..." Esado says to you, "I refuse to use the Lore on living things." You nod to Esado. Esado says to you, "It feels too close to vileness for my liking."

So I'm not saying someone should shake down Esado (or Yeyaru) to learn more about their whisper-talents and use them to talk things into becoming abominations against all creation, but you know.

This message was originally posted in The Necromancers \ General Discussions, by TEVESHSZAT on the forums.


This was spoken in the Platinum instance, so it may or may not apply to Prime.