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Re: RIP · on 5/12/2011 7:42:04 PM 8662
 :nod: In the current system I never found it very complicated to just overdust with a metric ton of coal prior to making steel. Time consuming perhaps, especially with some of the armor pieces...

The real complexity for me was finding those exact densities that result in a rollover of a stat, or the shaving of another stone off a mix without reducing the visible stats - and that won't be changing very much. Just easier for folks to not have to worry about it due to the ranges now being smaller, the lack of bugs making the math saner, and the many new weapon types and enhancements distracting from the stat-race. Hopefully you come around once you see what is possible with it :P

>>Hey Kodius, will the ways to mitigate skill be available to Barbarians as well?

Still not sure I want MD skill boosters to have a large effect on crafting. Some perhaps, but not a "full" effect. The mitigations I was referring to would be accessible to anyone with sufficient guild prestige from completing work orders. Barbarians 2.0 won't be as penalized from MD use either, so magic could still remain an option.

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