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Re: questions on PW and ETF · on 10/06/2014 03:03 AM CDT 1761
>>Well, apparently I'm quite the unlucky person. Went to test this out as soon as you posted it, since I had never heard of the new information you added about the violence variable.

Well, I had a hard time getting it to happen when I tested [Ethereal Fissure]. It's probably less likely to do if you make sure to not use the same amount of mana for the second cast as the first, and once a few minutes go by it would be even less likely. The explosion only happens when the exact amount of an opposing element hits the fissure at what fissure is set for, and once the fissure starts to dwindle down the numbers don't really ever match up unless you are able to cast with like 35.6 mana.

Oh, also, totally forgot that it did damage. Sorry about that. I'm really not secretly laughing. Really.

>>Are you sure the violence portion exists?

Yep, but since mana ranges as they are perceived are more narrow than they actually exist, it might be hard to actually tell the difference unless you feel like tracking how long a fissure under various casts stays at a particular mana range before dropping to the next one down.

FGM Ricinus

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