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Re: questions on PW and ETF · on 10/05/2014 10:49 PM CDT 1758
>>Multiple casts of the same element can result in a stronger fissure.

>>Casts of opposing elements will reduce the fissure and/or cause an explosion.

This is kinda right, but also kinda wrong.

There are 2 variables in how a fissure determines how much of a boost is given.

The first is based on the duration, so that when the the fissure has a long life in front of it, it produces more mana than when it is close to going poof. As the clock winds down, the fissure gets weaker and weaker, so casting on the same element actually just boosts the duration of the fissure, which makes it stronger.

The other variable is about violence. The more chaotic and violent a fissure is the more mana it produces. Casting at opposing element is how you introduce violence to the equation, and even though it has the drawback of reducing the duration a bit, it actually makes the fissure stronger than it was before.

If you pump a fissure up with only same element casts, you'll get a nice long moderately strong mana boost. If you use a blend of like and opposed element casts it won't last as long, but you'd have the best mana boost over most time periods. And if you use only opposed casts it'll be much shorter and the best mana, but would scale down very quickly.

The explosion thing is actually almost impossible to do, and doesn't hurt anyone anymore. I think it just drains your mana, but I don't really remember.

FGM Ricinus

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