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Re: Q - Some Thoughts · on 03/01/2012 12:01 AM CST 2006
The Standing Stones are patrolled by the brigades.

Dunshade manor belongs to Lord Dunshade and it is his fear that if the manor is torn down the city of Riverhaven would be over run with undead so the Baron forbids it.

The Therengian Army has not be called out to infiltrate posssible tunnels full of untold numbers of orcs..yet.

The fortress is kept under watch by the brigades.

The chrysalis is a very potent and obvious threat right in the Baron's back yard that can be fed and may hatch to do unknown kinds of damage and needed to be secured and has been.

Half of this is done by PC's and the rest by mechanics or explained by RP.

As I said I don't just do things in an arbitrary manner.

I think we have covered it all now.

GM Quarel Veryan P-2 Events.

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