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Re: Part or all? · on 03/30/2013 10:08 AM CDT 1296
I do not intend to remove the store-bought herb options, though they will be in a much lower potency (just like weapons and armor and everything else..).

Remedies is planned to have the following chapters:

  • Remedy Harvesting and Creation
  • External Wound Remedies
  • Internal Wound Remedies
  • Scar Healing Remedies
  • Poison and Disease Remedies
  • Beneficial Remedies (vitality, fatigue, possibly mana?, encumberance)
  • Miscellaneous Solutions (metal separation, oil of repair, tools)

I feel that is solid enough to get us started. We can always add more later (such as we did with Stone Carving by adding Bone Carving to it. Each wound location will have an easy, medium and hard recipe. Paste, Salve, Ointment. Each difficulty level reduces the chance of scar creation and offers a slight boost to the remedy's effect.

The difficulty here is balancing effect vs difficulty in making the things. We do not want to cut Empaths out of the mix, and would like to have folks consuming these remedies at a fast clip. I doubt that will be an issue with the rate at which most players are acquiring wounds. Remedies will also be completely necessary once enemies begin using poisons and diseases on quests and in lairs and in invasions... Triage would just get overwhelmed otherwise!

What do folks think about adding First Aid checks when applying remedies to other people? 0 First Aid Skill would still apply it, just at a much reduced effect essentially. I'm amused how little First aid does in DR when compared to even Outdoorsmanship.

Poisons may look something like:

  • Poison Harvesting and Creation
  • Wounding Poisons (vitality, wounds, fatigue, str/agi/ref stat penalties)
  • Malicious Poisons (round times, stuns, falling over, unconsciousness)
  • Diseases (a lot of RP fluff here via pox breakouts, falling off skin, changing how you enter/exit rooms, and some mechanical detriments like charisma/discipline penalties)
  • Caustic Solutions (tools, oil of impact, naptha)

Looks like enough options there to keep folks going. The trick will be balancing the poison strength and difficulty and time to prepare. We want to avoid poison use becoming "the norm" in PvP and PvE. There will likely be a gateway in terms of who can use it and how effectively they can use it. The more difficult to make poisons will be usable by a larger % of the player base, rather than just applying more damage/penalties.

Disease will be a lot of fun due to all the varieties of RP fluff we can come up. Plenty of options also exist for the misc sections.

Cooking discipline is kind of the catch all...

  • Cooking Gathering and Instructions
  • Food Type 1
  • Food Type 2
  • Food Type 3...
  • Food Type 10
  • Alcohol Brewing
  • Misc stuff

There will be a crazy amount of food craftable entirely by way of procedural generation. So the template might be "a double sandwich". Making it requires bread, two base meats and 2 other ingredients. The finished product comes out named after the base, so "a chicken and leucro sandwich on rye toast", then when you look at it you'd get more detail... You see slices of chicken and leucro meat wedged between to halves of rye toast along with some leaves and a thick slice of auroch cheese.

The flavor would be decided based on how well you did and some relationship between ingredients. That part will be the toughest to figure out. Anyhow, THIS is a ways off. But I figure its best to give a preview and get some feedback before I set my mind to it.

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Alchemy Skill, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.