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Re: Paladin Concept and Tankiness · on 03/25/2015 04:09 PM CDT 3286
>>I always felt I was basically just doing this for tdps, and if possible, would prefer to just wear (at the time) Heavy Plate.

TDPs aside, I think most people feel this way. I certainly do (Though I'd also like for it to be viable for a Paladin to wear full leather or full brig or something like that).

>>Redoing the armor skill set

There's been some discussion of this (Closer to ROBERTDH's suggestions) - not to fix Paladins, but to fix the skill set as a whole. The main problem is that it'd be a major, major, change to the game - one I don't think we're ready or willing to undertake at this time (Which isn't to say it would or wouldn't be the right decision for the game overall).


"Ever notice that B.A.'s flavor text swells in direct proportion to how much one of our characters is getting screwed?" - Brian Van Hoose

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