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Re: Paladin Concept and Tankiness · on 03/25/2015 10:40 AM CDT 3271
>>After all, like Raesh has stated in the past, invincibility isn't very exciting. Even from the perspective of the observer, mitigation just looks slow and boring when there isn't much to back it up.

Not sure that's actually me being quoted, but, sure. Doesn't change the truth of the statement.

>>So, what do I mean by harnessing the energy absorbed by our armor? I don't know. End of thread.

My very first thought that sent me down the current line of Paladin development was "What if Paladins had thorns and it was powered by leather armor skill somehow?" Suffice it to say that the idea has evolved somewhat from there, but that was the start of it.

Also, if you play WoW I'm sure you're aware they've been playing with concepts like that for Tanks for a few years now (And other MMOs I'm sure, but WoW is the one I have the most experience with) with creating feedback loops between tanks taking damage and the tank's damage output (Though they've changed that to now increasing their self heals since it caused some scaling problems with damage output). So there's some president, but I don't know how well something like that would fly in the world of DR.


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