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Re: original sniping event · on 02/08/2002 09:40 AM 982
Ok gonna run down what I know and what i have seen . It wont have too many details but i will do my best because i dont have total logs from being booted and such..

A trader named Heriv (who was employed by Takliek) came to the ranger guild seeking help. Claimed he was being hunted down by a Gorbesh Ranger named Takliek because he had information that he could use against him. A few rangers take Heriv under there wing and vow to help him.. Later in comes Takliek vowing to kill Heriv for betraying him and trying to profit off of his knowledge ( which we believed at the time was sniping but no one was too sure reason we thought that was because of Taklieks bow he wore). Rangers took sides others did too some defending Heriv some defending Takliek.. Takliek vowed to kill anyone who sheltered and protected Heriv., Dureing all this some Rangers that did defend Heriv we shot and some killed, Takliek swore the whole guild would pay.. Time went on and Heriv had gone to Kalika for shelter she turned him down said she could not shelter him and would not help him..Heriv also spoke of a few others he mentioned i think it was the other 5. Meaning guild leaders we all gathered he did mention a Paglar in his conversations. Well time went on and Takliek soon after took Xantana and myself and had a private conversation with us. He stated that he hadnt come to do anything but handle his business with Heriv and move on. He stated that he also helped our side during the war and he was not here to create an uproar. He was very sadened by what had happen with him attacking the other Rangers and stated his anger got the best of him and he was very sorry. He just wanted to deal with Heriv and leave. He stood by his words and still said that anyone who got in his way would be sorry, if they still chose to protect Heriv.More time passed and Heriv came back ... Mind you he never once said he wasnt guilty he was very much guilty knew he did wrong and knew he was in trouble.. He said so himself . Anyways.. Takliek showed up soon after and Heriv lead a group of his protectors out the NTR where everything pretty much came to an end .. people were all over the place some hunting down Takliek some after Heriv . all the while Takliek patiently stalking and laughing at Heriv knowing what was going to happen i supose.. needless to say Heriv was killed and walked the starry road and soon after Takliek was killed as well.. while he was dead and being raised he made ammends with some of the people who where against him and handed out gifts .. Last we heard he was off to speak with Kalika and havent seen or heard of him since...

I hope that helps some ..I think i pretty much summed it up


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