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oh yeah · on 09/03/2013 11:29 AM CDT 1800
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hmm... ahhh yes, I guess Lord Grigoire Denesal should be formally announced as the new Military Advisor to the Zoluren Court, and in case you hadn't already heard...

Announcing Lord Grigoire Denesal taking up the position of Military Advisor to the Template:Prel Court!

You see Lord Grigoire Denesal, Military Advisor of the Zoluren Court, a Human. His slightly wavy shoulder-length dark brown hair has been pulled back away from a ruggedly handsome face with a defined jaw and cleft chin, accentuating its squared shape. Above a crooked nose that looks to have broken several times, sepia-hued eyes look out from under heavy black brows that cut an oblique line into his sun-bronzed skin. He has an excessively muscular build, with broad shoulders and arms that draw his garments taut with any significant movement. He is of a towering height for a Human, and appears to be a mature adult. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a dark blue greatcloak with a braided gold fourragere draped over the left shoulder, black swordsman's shirt laced at the neck with a golden cord, a heavy marble signet ring carved with the crest of House Denesal, a claymore sheath, some supple sable lambskin dueling pants with golden gladiolus embroidered along the seams and some steel-toed marching boots.

Eldest of the Denesal Brothers (you might have met his littlest sister 'Leaf' before), he was trained at the Compound, and is an experienced Barbarian who enjoys crushing things with his hands, like lava drake skulls, or pulling a sky giants spine out through it's mouth.

He talked briefly about some of his brothers. Grigoire says, "Oh yes. Anisim, then me, the Radimir, then Visvaldis, and then Liev." Grigoire says, "Anisim got married this Shoshandu." Grigoire says, "She isn't a very pretty girl. Big hips, buckteeth. But she's rich." Grigoire says, "Horovold or something like that. I don't know, family is on the island and does esturi fruit." Grigoire says, "Anisim's taken over the business since he's a man and she was the old man's only child. He'll love it there." Grigoire says, "Don't know about what Radimir is up to really. He doesn't write much." Grigoire says, "But Vis wrote he got into a big raid over on Kresh." (those red sash up to it again apparently)

I'm sure you'll get a chance to see more of him later.

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