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Re: Official Guardian Spirit Magic 3.0 Post · on 2/8/2011 7:27:01 PM 4683
To expand on this a bit: I take responsibility for the miscommunication and your offense-related GS woes.

Again, I come from the basis that Option #3 is the default option. Generic combat pets are Cyclic abilities and I'm totally OK with Empaths having a generic combat pet.

The question came at the possibility of keeping Guardian Spirit as a non-cyclic spell. The precise reason we made this design rule does not strictly apply to the Empath scenario, which leaved us open to the possibility of giving them a non-Cyclic pet. This is, strictly, OK. However, as a matter of game balance I am unwilling to see Guardian Spirits be wholly superior to the generic combat pets, so we come to this notion that the exceptional benefit of the non-Cyclic combat pet needs to come at an exceptional cost.

So we arrive at Options #1 and #2, two versions of the Guardian Spirit solution where we reckon we have, to our satisfaction, created versions of the spell that are appropriately balanced as a durational buff.

This message was originally posted in The Empaths (23) \ Responses to GM/Official Announcements (2), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.