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[Notification] Changes to Prydaen Favors · on 11/18/2014 05:14 PM CST 1551
A few changes were made to how Prydaen favors work and message you.

  • It turned out, sometimes even when Eu was watching, it wasn't really Eu, but Tenemlor. This is fixed.
  • Making an offering when no god is watching used to double message. This is fixed.
  • When you make the wrong offering to the god that is watching, you incurred a slight penalty. This used to be silent and confusing enough to result in several submitted bugs. Now, you are told who you pissed off.
  • Moruryn and westanuryn stingers and viper sacs are once again appropriate offerings for Demrris.

What didn't change:
Reaver pelts are not considered undead and are therefore not appropriate for Tenemlor and will result in Demrris responding.

This message was originally posted in The Races of DragonRealms \ Prydaen - The Hub, by DR-NAOHHI on the forums.