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News from the Genealogy Office · on 4/26/2007 9:18:32 PM 223
A crier wanders by and loudly proclaims:

"Hear ye, hear ye! After some serious negotiations with the owners of the recently opened Genealogy Office, an agreement was made between the Estate Holder Council and said owners. From this day forward, any Estate Holders who seek the most common services of the Genealogists will be given a discount to their fees. Due to the extensive paperwork required for adopting, however, its fee will remain universal to all."

He rolls his eyes, takes twenty paces and repeats his cry. Clearly he enjoys his job.

With the assistance of GMs Arnimas, Equity and Solomon, some updates were made to the last name services that will give Premium players a 10% discount to the fees for registering, reserving, clearing or choosing a new name. Adopting does NOT come with a discount and will remain as-is for all players.

Apologies to those Estate Holders who've already made use of it prior to the updates, but there won't be any refunds offered. This change only affects new business with the office.

This change is currently live in both Platinum and Prime, and will be a part of TF when the system makes it over there.

Questions, comments or concerns about this change should be directed to the Estate Holder's topic on the Prime forums. General discussion on last names should be held in its respective topic.

FGM Zadraes
Premium Liaison
ALAE GM (Platinum)

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