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Re: New beseech Idea · on 12/2/2008 10:54:15 PM 5702
The first and foremost thing to understand about beseeches is that they are not magical. As Armifer stated, the Ranger has a form of supernatural tie or perhaps hyperawareness to the natural state of the world around him or her.

Through a very methodical and highly researched ritual, the Ranger can attempt to reach out to what we might consider personifications or 'spirits' of the various natural forces.

This differs from how magic works in several fundamental ways. The most important of these is that a beseech simply can't do anything with what isn't there. One cannot create 'something' from 'nothing' with a beseech, one amplifies or coaxes. For example, if you were in a place with no wind/air motion ever, then beseeching the wind simply wouldn't work because there's nothing there to beseech. Likewise, you could not beseech then sun when it's on the opposite side of Elanthia.

Whether these spirits or 'forces' of nature respond is up to their personal whimsy. If they don't think the Ranger has proven his or her worth, they won't show up. If you ask for them too often, they'll spurn you. If you try to beseech for something random, you might not like the results.

From a game design standpoint the hard and fast rule is that beseeches should be very environmentally restricted, infrequently usable, and not do anything that seems like a 'spell'. (This does not mean all things spells do are off limits, but that we'd like them to occupy a different territory)


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