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Re: New beseech Idea · on 12/2/2008 1:56:37 PM 5700
>>I'm still curious about what the fundamental difference between spells and beseeches are. Mechanically, and characteristically.

Magic is your character using his brain in a very studied and precise manner to manipulate an impersonal force that exists in the world. Except for the medium that Rangers work through (the natural world and life energies), there's no fundamental difference in the structure of a Ranger spell over what the guys that wear dresses are doing.

The things that makes Ranger magic unique (and all other guilds' magic unique in their places) are the medium they work through, and their confound. The Ranger confound is that they have a supernatural connection to the natural world that "is real" and can impact the outcome of spells despite whatever the Ranger intends. A spell that totally relies on this (a Ranger signature spell) would look to outsiders as normal but entirely nonsensical; a spell pattern that does nothing, because it interacts with a force that they cannot perceive or comprehend.

I'll leave the Beseech side of the question for Zeyurn to choose whether or not to elaborate.


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