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Re: New TDP Method · on 10/04/2012 10:26 PM CDT 3664
>>what hlc content has been "consistently" released

I'm talking about all content, not just content for high level characters

>> plan is to give a bonus to fewer skills but not penalize people that train more. So is overall experience drain slowing down across the board

I'm having trouble understanding this sentence, but the current plan is to give a bonus to fewer skills, and to reduce the bonuses granted to experience drain in the lower levels of experience. This doesn't really penalize anything across the board.

>>There is a blatant culture of aloofness when it comes to development, and much of that is because of our wild reactions.

This has been largely untrue for the last few years. The transparency of the group of GMs doing development has been rather remarkable recently. We're certainly not opening the code up for you to look at, but there have been far fewer 'PAFO' and 'syntax puzzle' issues with releases in recent years. There's still a PAFO aspect in a lot of places but it's not draconian the way that some folks felt it used to be.

>>We simply want to know if ONE thing is being worked on. Can you provide status on a single project that involves armadillo level mobs on the mainland.

You need to take this line of discussion to another folder, but to make sure you don't feel like I'm just shrugging off your question, I can tell you that I've got a project that's midway finished that will bring high level hunting to the mainland. I'm withholding details because there are a bunch of reveals that will happen as part of the release that I don't want to give away, but it's happening. It's second on my list of things to do after we get DR3 released.

>> has not been answered. The answer is "we're working on IT!". That's ambiguous, and it scares the ever living hell out of all of us.

But it IS being answered, just not on the Experience forum. Read the creatures forums and ask in general discussions! The answers are out there, they're just not right here.

>> 'race change' discussion, let's use it as an example:

Forgive me if you feel cast aside, but you're not the first person to bring up the idea of a race change. It's something that's been hashed out tens of times before, and more often than not ends up in the Equine Cemetary boards before it goes on for very long. I was short because it's a discussion I've witnessed and participated in more than a few times. With something as large as DR3 taking up every corner of my brain, debating the merits of an idea that is long since dead doesn't make it to the top of my list (especially right at the end of the release - Two year ago I would have engaged much more verbosely). If your perception of the transparency of this crew of GMs is influenced heavily by the way this discussion went down, I recommend looking at other dialogs in this forum and others.

>>We do not know what these impact of these changes are, or how deep they will cut, so as of now we are obviously operating on a 'worst case scenario' level.

Right, I get that, but you're operating on a 'worst case scenario, regardless of what the GMs are saying'. I get that I might not understand your unique way of playing, but frankly if anybody IS able to make an informed decision about how things are, it's me.

>>You just MADE my argument, I understand you're not seeing it, but I can't say it any better than you just did. Here it is again:

I see that what you're saying is 'things are different, people should get to make another choice based on the newest information'. I get that. I just disagree that the changes are enough to change the way any race will behave on the large scale, and if there's anybody that would have that information, it's me. Even if we were to ever, ever offer race changes, DR3 is not nearly different enough to warrant the incredible technical overhead, retconning, support cost, and the myriad other issues around it.

I get that we disagree. I just don't have time or brainspace to recap the several years of discussions about why race changes won't happen, but you can read them if you dig around in the equine cemetary (or start a discussion in the race forums, where it would fit more than here).

>>TDP cost over 99

What I'm thinking of doing is, instead of having it be 5x the racially-calculated value, it should instead be 4x the human cost + the cost of your racially-modified value. This makes the racial difference a lot less egregious in the long run. I'm still running numbers on what the multiplier will be, overall. It might be 5x, 3x, not sure.

>>the caveat is its only applicable when I dance dragon. So after 3.0, I'll be able to do this?

Dragon dance is unfortunately an exception to this. Your abilities will help you hunt, for sure, but to be honest, if we took the boosts that Dragon Dance gave barbs and used that as a normalizing factor, everybody else would be very, very sad. Sorry :-\.

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