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re: [New Release] Racial Titles! · on 03/11/2015 03:06 PM CDT 6970
>>Another idea that came to me (and not necessarily considering it) but if Redeemed ends up being a real thing with the necromancer guild will Redeemed necromancers be eligible for the not a necromancer titles?

Not sure right now. It depends on how that status works and what team Necro and team Rakash think.

>>Not sure if it's just my character, but I'm not getting the Katamba Rakash titles with circle and weapon reqs. Guild is paladin.

Looking into it.

>>One thing I'd like to mention is that while I get the death counter requirements on some thematically, I kind of feel like it encourages players who want to represent certain Gods to die and be raised multiple times just to get a title. I thought that the goal was to limit encouraging players "to do something no sane adventurer would do" to train or get things like titles.

We already have some titles that require death counts. The death counts for the current titles were reviewed by racial gurus and senior staff. If we decide later on to drop those, we will. :)

>>And is it considered abuse to help heal and raise a person over and over again just so they can obtain a title?

I hesitate to answer this without consulting with a senior staff member first.

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