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New Playable Race - Thunder Ramataur · on 04/01/2012 01:42 PM CDT 106
Coming after X3, we'll be opening a new playable race, the Thunder Ramataur.

With the upper torso of a man and the body (and horns) of an oversized Thunder Ram, the Ramataur will feature a massively increased encumbrance capacity, both for total weight and total number of items (with saddle bags increasing the natural limit even farther). On the penalty side, however, they will have to cope with increased vulnerability in combat, contending with multiple enemies being able to advance on 6 separate "flank" zones (left/right front, left/right midsection, left/right hindquarters). The will, however, have a very powerful Rearward Hoof Kick and the ability to FALL LEFT/RIGHT in an attempt to cause massive crushing damage to multiple foes (although this move has a significant roundtime and a chance for a short stun associated with it if the wind is knocked out of them).

Ramataurs will be able to choose all guilds, but there will be pros and cons associated with each one although they will be "naturals" when it comes to either Traders or Rangers.

Ramataur Traders will be able to carry their own commodity crates, as well as tow their own caravans, but as a trade--off they will have to pass both a written and practical Drover's License Test and maintain an up-to-date license to make sure they're not going to be running people over at random. (Please note that Ramataur Traders who are found AFK Scripting will, in addition to the usual penalties, be assigned to tow the caravans of other Traders for a number of contracts that will increase with each instance of policy violation.)

Both Ramataur Traders and Ramataur Rangers will be able to groom themselves for Animal Lore. Likewise, putting on their own shoes will teach Mech Lore, although putting on their own Rear Shoes will be an "expert-level" ability that requires 750 ranks in Tactics, 500 in Evasion, 500 in Perception, a combined total of 170 points in Reflex, Agility, and Discipline, and the completion of a lengthy special quest. (We have not decided if other players will be able to perform these functions on Ramataurs and earn the same experience, by the way.)

Ramataur Thieves will lose access to certain Khri (unless wearing special, heavily-padded footwear that will also add significant movement penalties and roundtimes).

Ramataur Barbarians will gain a Trample attack, but their Dances will only be 50% as effective and come with an inherent "Two Left Feet" penalty that could cause them to trip and fall (with the possible RT and Stun mentioned above).

Ramataur Empaths will have a higher capacity for taking wounds from other players, but only in the areas of the Abdomen and Legs. Ramataur Paladins will be able to joust without a mount, but will be restricted to the stables in most Paladin Guilds and Stable Boy NPCs will deliver messages to and from the Guild Leaders for the player.

I think that covers the main points. More details will be released soon, so please hold all questions until we finish the FAQ and get it posted.

This message was originally posted in The Races of DragonRealms \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by SIMU-SOLOMON on the forums.


This is part of the April Fools jokes.