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Re: Mo has left the building... · on 7/10/2009 7:33:06 PM 18605
And here is the log as requested.

[Riverhaven Exterior, Trodden Path] Also here: Guildleader Mo. You gaze at Mo. You flash a quick grin.

You see Guildleader Mo Glawroak, a Gor'Tog Barbarian. His dark eyes glimmer with hidden intelligence from within folds of dark green skin. A brazen red tattoo in the shape of a handprint graces his hairless scalp, the palm centered atop his head with widespread fingers straining over a crinkled brow.

He is holding a leg of turkey in his left hand.
He is wearing a knee-length grey leather tunic branded with a large crimson handprint above the left breast, some grey brocade breeches and a roughened leather axe harness.

Mo asks, "You trying ta advance?"
You say, "Not yet. I have a few more hundred bandits to slaughter first." Mo smirks.
You say, "I came into town to get my chest put back together."
Mo says, "We glad you did."
You flash a quick grin at Mo.
You ask, "And what is our mighy leader up to today?"
Mo says, "Leaving."
You ask, "Going to the front?"
Mo says, "Look for Telfogli."
You say, "The hordesman.."
Mo says, "Les arrived. He's going look over things."
You say, "I'll make sure to harrass him in your absence then."
Mo says, "You can bug him now."
Mo grins.
Mo points northwest.

[Barbarian Guild, Interior]
You also see the Barbarian Guildleader Les and other stuff.
Also here: Guildleader Mo.

>l les
Les towers over you, his beady eyes the only recognizable feature of his disfigured face. His malformed mouth is perpetually scowling, a short chain of saliva hanging from the corner of his lips. Hundreds of scars cut across the dusky green skin of his enormous frame. The four mangled fingers of his right hand clutch a crude iron-banded club, which he occassionally slaps against his other hand. Clad in only a tattered pair of brocade trousers, the raised brand of an "7" can be clearly seen on his chest. Dispite all of his deformities, Les seems fit and on edge, ready for battle.
You nod to the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
The Barbarian Guildleader Les asks, "Why not leave?"
You ask Mo, "I guess he'll do. You are coming back tho, right?"
Mo nods.
Mo says, "She wanted to see Les."
You gaze at the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
You ask, "What's the 7 for?"
The Barbarian Guildleader Les says, "Remember name."
Magic's Death Caraamon's group just arrived.
Mammoth Rider Maulem just arrived.
You say, "I don't get it."
Caraamon loudly says, "Hah! Someone said ya were 'round."
Maulem salutes the Guildleader Les.
Mo says, "This is brother, Les."
Caraamon blinks at Mo.
Mo says, "Make sure to tell Agonar I put him in charge."
Caraamon loudly asks, "Yer not stepping down are ya?"
You ask, "How does seven equal Les?"
Mo grins ear-to-ear.
The Barbarian Guildleader Les says, "Ain't seven to me."
Mo says to you, "He did it himself."
You say, "Oooh. Now I get it."
Caraamon loudly says to Mo, "Yer da 'ole reason I joined."
You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.
Mo says to Caraamon, "I am not stepping down."
Maulem asks Mo, "So it's war, then, boss?"
Mo says, "Have to find Telfogli."
You say, "He's going to go find the Hordeman."
Caraamon nods to Mo.
Caraamon loudly says, "Good. We need someone wit some backbone leadin 'least onna our guilds."
Mo says, "Les got lost. He neeed get here sooner."
Mo says to Caraamon, "Cross Les. I dare you."
Maulem nods.
Caraamon grins.
Maulem says, "We'll make sure an' hold down th' fort till ya find this Hordesman, Boss Mo."
Caraamon loudly says, "No tanks. If ya put 'em in charge, I 'spect 'e's perfect fer messin up upstarts."
The Barbarian Guildleader Les asks, "Mo, who make trouble?"
Caraamon points at Maulem.
Maulem points at Caraamon.
Caraamon chortles softly at some secret joke.
Mo says, "They all okay. Ain't too smart, but ain't too dumb."
Caraamon loudly asks Mo, "Ya lookin fer volunteers ta 'elp?"
Mo shakes his head at Caraamon.
Caraamon nods.
Mo says, "Slow me down."
Caraamon winces.
Caraamon loudly says, "Ouch."
Maulem says, "Caraamon's good at that, yup."
Felicini says, "Well I must be off welcome Les."
Caraamon kicks Maulem!
Caraamon mutters to himself.
Mistress of Defense Felicini just went out.
Caraamon just punched Maulem!
Mo says, "You all complain like mages."
You snort at Mo.
Maulem asks, "Who's complainin?"
Caraamon loudly says, "Nah, I'm complainin like a Barbarian."
Caraamon loudly says, "Lotsa violence."
Caraamon leans on Maulem.
Mo says to Maulem, "Caraamon now. I don't need it on my search."
Mo grins.
Maulem says, "I have yet to begin to commit violence tonight."
Caraamon loudly says, "Says da idjit dat plays wit slings."
Mo says, "I tell you something before I go."
Caraamon nods to Mo.
Mo says, "Don't bug him too much."
Mo gestures at the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
Mo says, "I'm the nice one in the family."
Maulem laughs!
Kariea says, "Oh no."
Kariea groans.
Caraamon grins.
Mo says, "He don't talk much, anyway."
Caraamon loudly says, "A kick is worth a thousand words."
Maulem asks, "So Les will smack us with BIGGER turkey legs?"
Caraamon loudly says, "Mosta dem are "ouch" though."
Caraamon loudly says, "Least 'e knows da right kinda weapons ta use."
Maulem says, "Now THAT is a big turkey leg."
Maulem nods to the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
Mo takes a bite of the turkey.
Barbarian Syberius's group just arrived.
Caraamon salutes the Guildleader Les with a graceful sweep of his mallet.
Syberius snaps to attention and hails Mo with a crisp hand salute.
Enwah clasps Mo's forearm in a hearty Barbarian greeting.
Caraamon loudly asks Mo, "Ya got time fer us ta throw ya a party 'fore ya leave?"
Enwah says, "See told ya Les would be here syberius."
Syberius nods to Enwah.
Mo says, "If any of you has something to say to me, say it now before I go."
Enwah smiles.
You say, "Yah."
You nod to Mo.
Enwah says, "Well Mo good luck with the fight."
Maulem says, "Good hunts, Boss Mo. Come back soon and victorious."
Enwah nods to Mo.
Syberius says, "Kick her real good."
You say, "Come back in one piece."
Maulem says, "Or dead in a heroes grave."
Caraamon loudly says to Mo, "Jus in case I never see ya 'gain, I wanna say, tanks fer everythin. It's cause o' ya dat I am what I am."
Enwah says, "Bring us her head to mount in the guild hall."
Enwah nods to Mo.
Mo says, "Then I leave you with Les."
Kariea nods to Mo.
Kariea says, "Safe travels."
Mo says, "Again, be SURE to tell Agonar who is in charge here."
You say to Mo, "You'll be missed, but we're proud. Know that."
Mo snickers.
Mo accepts Caraamon's Gor'Tog bloodgrog.
Caraamon grins at Mo.
Mo guzzles down some of his bloodgrog and then smacks his lips and wipes them with his sleeve.
Caraamon loudly says, "Yer still in charge."
Caraamon grins at Mo.
Mo guzzles down some of his bloodgrog and then smacks his lips and wipes them with his sleeve.
Guildleader Mo just went out.
Enwah says, "And there he goes."
Caraamon makes a disgusting grunting noise.
Enwah says, "Wow this will be different."
Syberius glances at the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
Caraamon loudly says, "Ya got a lot ta live up ta, Les."
Caraamon nods to the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
Enwah says, "I can't wait to see what happens."
The Barbarian Guildleader Les stares at Caraamon, snarling slightly.
Syberius laughs!
Caraamon shrugs.
Maulem says, "He ain't goin ta kill Lyras."
Les blinks at Enwah and whacks him up'side the head.
Enwah exclaims, "Agh!"
Caraamon loudly says, "Never said ya couldna do it, I'm jus sayin."
Enwah says, "Hes definitely Mo's brother."
Maulem nods in agreement.
Caraamon grins at Enwah.
Enwah says, "He hits me just as hard."
Enwah chuckles.
Caraamon loudly says, "Must be a family trait."
You say, "I'd love to tag in Mo's footsteps and meet this Hordeman but I'd just be in the way."
Enwah nods at Caraamon, obviously agreeing with his views.
Syberius says, "Yeah but he gives demotions every time."
Caraamon gives you an emphatic nod.
Syberius nods to Enwah.
Enwah nods to you.
Enwah says, "I just wish i could watch the epic battle."
Enwah says, "Will be so cool."
Caraamon loudly asks, "What battle?"
Maulem nods in agreement.
You say, "Oh, you still might."
Enwah says, "I hope."
The Barbarian Guildleader Les drools a bit and just lets it fall to the floor.
You say, "It ain't over yet."
You glance at the Barbarian Guildleader Les.
Caraamon loudly says, "'e's jus goin ta find da roamin ex-guildleader."
Enwah says, "Mo plans to get all the barb leaders together."
Enwah says, "And attack Lyras."
You say, "Yah I think I'll spend more time training than visiting Les."
Caraamon makes a disgusting grunting noise.

Alrina says, "We really need to stop talking about you and concentrate on me."

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