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Re: Mer'Kresh Shop Openings! · on 04/02/2012 02:45 PM PDT 1298
Speaking of shop openings...

You say, "Greetings Keresky."
You ask, "Can I buy you some rum?"
Keresyk says, "Well hello there kinsmen, it's been a long time."
Keresyk says, "I have one but let me get you one."
You say, "I got me one but thanks."
You say, "Been spending a lot of time traveling."
Keresyk asks, "Had you been in the local forge lately?"
You say, "No, I have been crafting in the Crossings."
You say, "I have not been into the forge here long and long."
You say, "New style stuff in crossings."
Keresyk says, "Well its a good thing because we had to condemn the building and tear it down."
You exclaim, "What!"
You ask, "Tear it down?"
You say, "I spent half my life in there."
Keresyk says, "It was unsafe to allow people to continue to use it."
Keresyk says, "Although I was able to save pieces of it for our new Crafting Society."
You say, "Alwasy seemed good to me.. but the anvils, crucibles and grindstones had seen their better days."
You ask, "New crafting society?"
Keresyk says, "Some were still in decent shape."
You say, "Well that will be a blessing."
You say, "I would like to look that over."
You say, "Once I finish me rum."
Keresyk says, "I was planning on touring it to make sure Kapric has got everything up and working."
You ask, "Would you mind some company?"
Keresyk says, "When I finish my rum so I was glad to hear you had come home."
Keresyk says, "Not at all I'd welcome your input."
Keresyk says, "I've been handling things for my grandfather for awhile now."
Keresyk says, "He's getting on in years."
You ask, "Your grandfather?"
You ask, "Is he someone I know?"
Keresyk says, "Greetings kinsmen, I'm Keresyk Allvar."
Collain says, "Collain Rayner. I believe we've made acquaintance before, but I don't blame you. My memory's starting to go too."
Keresyk says, "You must have met my grandfather Misdilev over the years."

Kertig Heart Magdar Bluefletch, Bit Player of M'Riss

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