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Re: Mer'Kresh Celpeze Updates · on 2/6/2009 1:28:10 AM 2715
We've discussed the aiming issue. It is quite silly that you cannot even make the least attempt so that is changing. However, the intent of Celpeze has always been for a creature that is better tackled melee than via bow weapons. There are plenty of creatures less than friendly to melee attacks as well so this particular aspect will not change. Now then, what are we doing?

From this point on, you can aim at celpeze. However, you will only get credit for half of the time spent aiming at them when it comes time to fire and you are still capped at the normal 12 seconds of actual aim time. This means that the best you can get credit for is 6 seconds of aiming effectively. This change is now live in Prime and Plat and will follow in TF this weekend once I know all is working well.

GM Oolan Jeel

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