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Re: Meeting with Dragon priest leader emissary and Ferdahl Aemmin · on 3/28/2011 11:29:07 PM 7218
Here's the full RECALL.

You recall that dragons are nigh-mythical creatures, due to the isolation they prefer and the draconic guises of the Heralds Eerayn, Glacis and Sildua. Seeing one is a rare treat, but not without precedent.

In addition to the qualities given to them in folklore, the flying, fire-breathing lizards also have a poorly understood connection to the land. The few scholars that have studied dragons note that their power and temperament are influenced by the health and weather of the domain they claim for their home. They are sensitive to, or at least discriminating of, the supernatural "purity" of their domain as well, leading to sometimes violent antipathy with holy men, Moon Mages, sorcerers and Necromancers.

The works of Aaron Albuam, a Bard who wrote fanciful travelogues of his alleged journeys to the west, features a conversation he claimed to have with an ancient dragon. According to the story, draconic society is divided into two castes, based on whether the dragon is attuned to Life or Elemental mana. Life Dragons are said to be the priest-kings of dragonkind, following a druidic tradition of rulership over nature and transformation spells -- notably, Albuam claimed, the ability to assume the form of a S'kra Mur. Elemental Dragons are the "commoner" dragons, who practice a tradition of pure elemental manipulation, fundamentally similar to the Warrior Mages.

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