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Meeting log · on 1/19/2009 9:26:15 AM 1387
This is the third meeting right? Anyway extracted speech text follows. The GMs did a little light show during Jerecis's god lecture. There were some critters that invaded, but I think the mechanics of the room made them wacky. I tried to bold GMs to make it easier to skim for announcements.

Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Alrighty lets get started." Sansard asks in Gorbesh, "Is Icesilk a Gorbesh Kaldar or something both wear culturally?" Maulem asks Jerecis in Gorbesh, "Get lost in there?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "In the first of these meetings we started a tradition of speaking only in turn and only when you have the talking dice." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Yeh, it's like a big empty cave" Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Shall we keep that up or go more formal and use the list and shut the room up?" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "I added a whisky to the sideboard for those that crave some." Maulem says to Jerecis in Gorbesh, "I thought I heard an echo." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He's so thoughtful." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Yes to the dice then?" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Dice is fine with me" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Okay, if you have a question raise your hand when we come to that portion of the meeting." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "THough I'm sure I've got a talking stick 'round somewhere" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Welcome everyone! I am GM Belladzia, Kaldar Champ and this is GM Averiss Gnome champ." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "First let me thank you for coming, we have a few things to discuss then we'll get on with the lecture/store portion and then the questions and finally a gift." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Most of you know that the Albarian Caravan shop was created by my childhood friend Unorina." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "She traveled in Albaria for many years collecting tales and fashion, fabric and gems." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "One thing she gave to me for my upcoming birthday was this." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "This is a popular icon in our homeland for the Kaldaran people." Belladzia exclaims in Gorbesh, "And I've decided to import it!" Maulem whispers, "she give ya yours?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "'a mist-enshrouded white ironwood tree' is now considered our offical symbol." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Feel free to embroider it on your cloaks and packs and so forth." Kargoth says in Gorbesh, "peaceful symbol for kaldar" Maulem whispers, "Bad Hanryu! No biscuit!" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I have made a special pin out resembling this gift that will be used from now forward as a special medal of honor for anyone providing great services to theKaldar people." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Yes, it is a peaceful symbol but it represents the lands we all once came from." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Where the mists and the white ironwood are previlant and much respected." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "The second announcement is that we have a special guest speaker for next months meeting." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "A celebrity." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "his name is Casimont Nalbiro." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "And he is THE Gorbesh linquest. " You say, "Awesome." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He'll be speaking to us about the language, its origins and of course grammer." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He will also be answering questions." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "So if you've always wanted to know what the Gorbesh for onion was or you want to combine one or several words to make a new name for yourself or an item he'll be helping with that." Jerecis asks in Gorbesh, "Ah good Maulem, you can stop butchering those translations into Common now eh?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He is a busy man though and has asked me to have you email your questions to me in advance so he an study them and give them the attention they need." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "So if you think of a question send it to please." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Final thing I have is about the meetings." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Everyone is on board with making them Albarian and having them be Gnome/Kaldar from now on?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Instead of just Kaldar and Gnomes can come if they want." You say, "Yea, Gnomes need lovin' too." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "GM Averiss and I actually are the best of friends so you'd be getting something a bit rare and more than a little scary." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Gentle lovin' though" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "If you'd rather have them seperate feel free to email myself or Averiss." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Our guest speakers for tonight are Maulem and Jerecis." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Come on, clap everyone." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "There we go." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Oh.. yes, speech.." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Have my notes 'round somewhere" Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Well, they're just reservin their clappin till after I put em all ta sleep." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Maulem will be entertaining us with the first chapter of his auto-biog." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "And Jerecis will be speaking to us about the traditional Gorbesh gods." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Maulem will speak first." Maulem exclaims in Gorbesh, "Nap time it is!" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Oh go on." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "All right. I'ma tell my story to y'all, as best as I recollect it, which may not be as best as it once was, as I'm gettin a bit old these days." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "I was born to a farmer and his wife, in the eastern reaches of the Empire. We lived in a small village there, with a bit of farm plot out back." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Ma used to grow the best ice peppers..." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Anaways, when I was quite young, about my second spring, I'd reckon, Da got conscripted into th' Army of th' Empire." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "He went off ta march north with them, inta Kermoria here." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Most of my childhood is lost to me now, up until about th' point of my fourteenth summer." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "A large group of Kaldarans had gone north, in search of a better life." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "No one from my village joined that first group, but in my fourteenth year, word started to spread of a bunch wanting to try." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Ma, not havin word as to whether Da was dead or alive, decided I should go. " Maulem says in Gorbesh, "She told me it was a chance for me to find him, and if not, at least a chance to go and make a life for myself, a life outside of the farm village." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "So, I packed up what few things I had when the time came, and joined about twenty of my neighbors and we started north across the plains." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "As we travelled, we met up with other small bands of travellers, and usually the two bands would join together." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "One of those meetings is where I met Kivira." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "She was a fine young lass, and quite beautiful." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Bein around the same age, we struck up a friendship. Durin the trek northward, that friendship developed into much more." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "We were wed by a cleric of th' Thirteen, what had been travellin in Kivira's group. It was a clear fall eve." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Th' full moon lit the revelry of our lil group, who celebrated our marriage well into the night." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Not that I saw much but the inside of my tent for a good part of it..." Maulem exclaims in Gorbesh, "Anyway!" Maulem says in Gorbesh, "As we neared th' Hand, winter set in a bit early. In a meetin' of the older folks of the group, we decided to winter on the Albarian side, and not risk the trek through during winter." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "So, we dug in, gathered what we could for provisions, and prepared ta face th' comin storms. " Unorina says in Gorbesh, "Pardon the interuption, please continue." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "The months of winter drug on, and the snows came heavier and heavier." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "We went on gathering trips, that grew longer and longer as we depleted the lands around us of almost everything edible." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "There was about two hunnert or so of us prior to winter, and about and eigth of those didn't survive to the time when we were found." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "For ya see, we were found, and saved, by th' Mammoth Tribe, a tribe of wandering Kaldarans, known for their adherence to th' old ways, and their worship of mammoths." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "I was in th' first party to encounter em, as was Kivira and her Ma." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "We were scouring a stand of white ironwoods, looking for anything to bring back for food. A snow storm was fell blowin, makin it real hard ta even see." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Out of th' blowin snow, I heard th' call of a mammoth, and a stampin of feet..." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "I turned to look, and there chargin us was a full bull, in his prime." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Atop his back was a warrior in full dress, a feral look in his eyes." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "I saw that bull bearing down on Kivira, and her Ma. And I did all I knew ta do. I threw myself between them and th' bull, stood tall, hands outstretched..." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "And I yelled. I don't recall WHAT I yelled, but Kivira told me it was soooo loud and sooo commandin." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "And that bull stopped, dead in his tracks." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "That began our contact with the Mammoth Tribe. Next time, I'll talk a bit more about em, and how I got my name, and my tattoo." Jerecis asks in Gorbesh, "Painful mammoth tusk accident?" Angelstears says, "very good story" You say, "Avoid the pointy parts." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Thanks fer listenin." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Thank you Maulem that was very entertaining." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Unorina would like to say something." Unorina says in Gorbesh, "I would like to give you a gift for such a wonderous story, I was truly quite taken away by it." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Well, I'm very honored." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Okay, and now the fun lecture." Jerecis asks in Gorbesh, "Now I get to follow a tale of suspense an' adventure with a church lecture eh?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I'm dying to hear it frankly." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Well then, before we get started just a couple things" Belladzia exclaims in Gorbesh, "Oh a lecture and a lecture on the lecture. What fun!" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "One, what I'm speaking of here today is only what I've learned myself" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Please don't take it as if it were read stright from some ancient religious codex" Azmag says in Gorbesh, "A lecture with disclaimers is the best kind of lecture if you ask me" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "And if you have any questions on the specific gods I can stop after each, I'll answer if I can" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "The whole point of the lectures is to educate us on what everyone is learning and has knowledge of from their own experiences." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "But a scholar I'm not" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Well then" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Alright then. Well, seeing as I don't know how much anyone knows about the Ten we'll start off with a basic primer of the pantheon and go from there." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The Gorbesh pantheon is made up of ten dieties five god and five goddesses. They're a bit more on the primal side than the Thirteen, relating to essential forces from our people's past. Each deity has rule over a specific domain, meant to be understood in a more abstract form than the realm's name would suggest. For example Eiumuz holds power over the domain of wood, but that means not only the trees themselves, but the wood we build our homes out of, and the knowledge needed to build such things." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "A few things to put out there before we get into the specific gods. First, I'll refer to this as the Gorbesh religion, not because it's exclusive to my people but to differentiate it from the lost Gnomish religion and the worship of both the Thirteen and nature that some Kaldar practice. " Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Second, unlike the Thirteen, the Ten do not have positive or negative aspects, the Merion that warms your house at night is the same Merion who burns it to the ground the next day. " Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Third, astrology and prophecy are central concepts in the Gorbesh religion and so each member of the Ten has their own planet they rule over, which I'll make note of as we talk about each deity." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Ok on to the specific gods and goddesses that make up the Ten" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "First in any discussion of the Gorbesh pantheon is the greatest of our Gods, Xosiurion. Known as both the Lord of Bone and the Dragon God, he is considered the father of the gods and the driving force behind our creation. The realm of bone, and all thus things eternal, is his domain and the terrible dragons of this world and the next are his greatest creations. Though prayers are often voiced to speficic deities in times of need, all official ceremonies must involve the Dragon God in some form or another, as a matter of deference to his place as First among the Ten." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "He is depicted as either a dragon or a Gorbesh armored in dragon bones, and the skull of a dragon is his symbol. His planet, known here in Kermoria as Verena is Xosedas in Albaria." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Well tha' was, odd" Vyraka exclaims in Gorbesh, "You've awakened him!" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The most venerated Goddess of the Ten is the Ghostly Mistress, Orisas. She rules over the realm of spirit and the souls of all of our people that have died. She carries the souls in a silvery globe known as the Kaneijia, kind of a snow-globe of the afterlife." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "When the time of the last battle, or Ilaehl, comes she will cast down the Kaneijia, shattering the globe into a million spears of light and freeing the souls within. Our fallen brethren will take up the spears and march to battle against our enemies, led by the Mistress." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Orisas is always shown as an indistinct ethereal woman, cradling the softly glowing Kaneijia in her open palms, and it is the globe that has been used as her symbol. Her planet Osec, is knows here as Szeldia." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The god of iron and war, Tieheq is greatly revered by both soldiers and craftsmen alike. He often rides to battle with the Gorbesh armies, wielding his greatsword Ixiusks and his ice-spear Namivy. He fought alongside our people in the battle of Coevoe, the final great victory over the Luethra. It is said that Tieheq trained Xin'Alaudus himself in the art of war, and set him on the path to creating the Empire. He offers courage and strength to those who fight for our people, many prayers and offerings are sent to him the night before any battle. " Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Tieheq takes as his symbol his two weapons, Ixiusks and Namivy, and his planet is Tliij, the Kermorian planet Durgaulda." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Another member of the Ten venerated by warriors is Tieheq's wife, the Lady of Fire Merion. She is a very strong goddess, bringing warmth and safety to our people, and will fight alongside her husband against any who would threaten them. It is said that she devised the methods of forging and taught them to Tieheq to make his weapons, so she is also a favored goddess among Albarian smiths." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Her symbol is an anvil, covered in towering flames. Maeben is her planet, also known as Morleena." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The next we will speak of is Merion's sister, and near opposite, the Ice Mother Misiumos. She is closest to my heart, I've been a servant of the Mother for most of my life. She is the goddess of the Land itself, we are all her children. While she chills our bones with the cold and ice of winter that blankets most of Albaria, she gives us strength and courage at the same time; readying us for Ilaehl." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "'She puts the cold in our bones' is a saying I've heard often." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "As told in the Miuhl cycle, long ago she did battle with her sister, Merion and after many long months the Lady of Fire finally triumphed and the Mother relented, allowing for a few months of warmer weather in Albaria each year." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Her symbol is the Rimewolf that rules the northen tundras, and her planet is Misueshi, the Kermorian planet Amlothi." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The sixth member of the pantheon we'll speak of is Sraxaec, the Blood God. He fills many roles in the Empire, but all life springs directly from him. His blood is said to grant eternal life, and he offered a goblet of this to Xin'Alaudus after the Founder's great battle with the Dragon God. His power is what brings new life to this world, and what keeps life here, he is the god of healing and the injured or ill seek his favor. His marriage to Misiumos is what brought life to the land, all beasts, wild or tamed were created from this union. It is said during Ilaehl his head will be severed and his blood will blanket the land, bringing new life to the changed world." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "His symbol is a burning torch, representing his cleansing fire and vengeance for those that would spill Albarian blood. The planet Sidasis known here as Penhetia, is his domain." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Eimuz, the Builder is revered almost as much as the Dragon God for he has given many things to our people. He rules over the domain of wood, and sees the evergreens as his children. The techniques taught to us to construct our greatest cities were given to us by Him, and he taght us the ways of sailing as well. Though they may be dedicated to other Gods, newly built structures and ships are always blessed with His name as construction begins. It is said long ago that he constructed a fleet of ships by himself to sail his endless sea of stars, and he passed this knolwedge along to us, giving Xin'Alaudus the boat to return to the Empire after his great journey was complete. Even among the Gods he is depicted as a giant, standing twice as tall as the others." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "His symbol is one of his great ships, sailing across the sea of stars, and his planet is Eimarqe known as Yoakena here." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Alisa, with her domain of clay, is a builder like Eiumuz and it is their works together which created the whole of the Empire. She's seen as the nuturing mother to Misiumos' harsh birthgiver, and watches over the homes of our people. Artists of all kinds, though especially potters and sculptors, pray to the Hearth Mother before beginning a project, hoping for her blessing. Though she is the most peacful of the Ten, presiding in silence over treaties, she is a fierce warrior when her children are threatened. It is said that her halls are decorated with numerous statues of her enemies, although some say that they aren't statues at all, that she used her power to imprison them in stone." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The Hearth Mother's symbol is there clay bricks, stacked in a triangular formation. Her planet's Kermorian name is Er'Qutra, but we would call it Kneisa." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Excuse me, three clay bricks" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "There we are, much better" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "In Albaria the Storm Mistress is both revered and feared for her great powers of destruction. Aniek presides over the Storm Realm, and it is her wrath that ravages the land with tornadoes, blizzards and great lightning storms. She is quick to anger and spiteful, and will hold a grudge for an entire lifetime waiting for revenge. It is said that when the upstart Xin'Alaudus took to the seas on his journey she spent enormous amounts of power to try and destroy him, and when she didn't succed storms such as our people have never seem assailed our Home for a full month. " Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Despite her fury, she has done good things for our people as well, tales are told of her fighting the White Wind of the Shaerek, in hopes of our people reaching their city, and she is the patron goddess of our warships, the raiders. She also holds her greatest contempt and hate for the Deciever, and would do near anything to end Him." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Her emblem is three lightning bolts, a symbol of her rage and her planet, Aneus, is known as Ismenia in Common." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Aye I've known a few priests and priestesses of Aniek, a frightening bunch, them" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The last member of the Ten is the dark God, Sieben the Deciever. He holds court over the realm of Mists, both literally and figuratively as his mists cover the southwestern corner of Albaria. He is the god of lies, of deceit and of sabotage. He is a master of changing his appearance, so much so that he can fool his fellow immortals, and will do whatever he can to foster chaos in His world or ours. " Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "His greatest crime however, is the creation of our greatest foe, the Ocular. He created this shapeshifting race in his image to further his ends in this world, and they do so by causing as much harm to our people as they can. The Ocular inhabit a large portion in the southwest of Albaria, and only the combined forces of Kaldar, Gorbesh and Gnome together keep them contained in the mists." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "The Deciever's symbol is the chaotic image of a malevolent whirlwind. His planet is Avieben, known in Kermoria as Estrilda." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Filthy shapeshifters" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Now, while we've talked about the Ten, no discussion of our pantheon would be complete without the mention of the eleventh member. The founder of the Empire, Xin'Alaudus was said to have challenged Xosiurion to a battle, as a test of his strength." Belladzia says to Jerecis in Gorbesh, "You're going to need to mop now you know." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "For eighteen days the Founder battled the Dragon God, with neither able to gain an advantage over the other. On the eighteenth day, Xosiurion shed his mortal form, and assumed the form ofa great dragon. For another eighteen days they fought on that way, mortal versus dragon until the God could continue no more and bowed before Xin'Alaudus. On that day the Lord of Bone hailed the Founder as his brother, and Sraxaec gave him a cup of his blood to seal his immortality. " Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "This we refer to the Founder as God-Emperor Xin'Alaudus." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Thus.. not this" Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Thirty six days of fighting. Sounds like my last marriage." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "That'll be the end of this first section on the religion of our ancestors. If Lady Belladzia asks me back for another sometime maybe we'll get into a bit on the story of our creation, or possibly even some dicussion on priestly orders." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Thanks for sticking around and letting me ramble on about ancient history, hopefully you don't go home more confused than when you got here, and if you have any questions please feel free to bug me about it whenever." Halfstaff says in Gorbesh, "well done Jerecis" Unorina says in Gorbesh, "That was wonderful, thank you so much." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Thanks for listenin', glad I didn't chase off the crowd" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Unorina has graciously offered vouchers to all who speak, sing or perform at this and future gatherings." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Very generous." Unorina says in Gorbesh, "Oh, well..." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Yes it is, thank you Unorina" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "that was a wonderful lecture, Jerecis, thank you so very much." Vyraka asks in Gorbesh, "Does that include previous ones?" Vyraka says in Gorbesh, "Kidding." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Maybe, we'll see." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "By the way" Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Hmmm?" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "If anyone ever wants to ask me anything, feel free to look me up" Averiss asks in Gorbesh, "So....has everyone seen the Food and Drink Contest info?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "A most generous offer." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "As I said can't promise I can answer, but always willin' to try" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Or bluff my way through it at least" Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Has everyone entered it yet?" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Aye sure did" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Not yet, wanted to ask a question about it first" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "By all means, enter it and enter often." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Fire away." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "yes, enter enter and enter some more." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Well you mentioned that it might be possible to have special tastes for Albarians at the last meeting, just wanted ot know if that was still the plan" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "This is your chance to have your own personal food created for you and put out in the world." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Alright then, I'll be sendin' 'em along soon" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Thanks" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "To clarify there is one WINNER per account but you can enter as many times as you want." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Ten dozen if you like." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Yes it is and yes we can have special tastes done. If you put a special taste in, make it for the race you want the taste for and what you want another race to taste as well." Belladzia says to Jerecis in Gorbesh, "Good question." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "bet you wished you'd shaved." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Don't need to now." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "True enough." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Also, think outside the box, Cheeses, wines, steaks, sweets, pies, frozen drinks. vegetables, fruits...endless items really." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "We'll be posting the contest rules to the home page this week, I think not everyone reads the Kaldar or Gnome forums as often as they should." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Make it in game though please." Maulem asks in Gorbesh, "Wha I do now?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "No "This Bud's for you" kinda thing." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Ahh, ya must be referrin to my messagin fer my idea." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Okay, I'd like to say something once Averiss is finished with the contest talk." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Also we are thinking of adding to the meeting format a bit to spice things up." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I originally started these meetings as a way to interact with the Kaldar players in the game. Thats as far as I thought about them. The guest player speakers seemed like (and still is) a good idea and a good way to find out who you think you are as Kaldar and now of course as Gnomes." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "But if we're combining the races for these meetings then I think we'd both like some input as to what you'd like to see for the meetings." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Yes?" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Besides possibly combining meetings as a Gnome and Kaldar experience, we are also thinking of adding games and even event hunts and even mini quests or invasions." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Yes, Averiss likes killing you all so I think thats going to happen at a lot of future events." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He's really rather overly fond of it." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I'm not joking." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "No objection to dyin'" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He loves killing you." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He lives to see you die." He is wearing a black silk armband embroidered with the symbol of the Sewer Rat Gang, a large sack, a tiny pair of black fighting pants studded with blue diamond crystals, a tiny hunting sheath, a deep ebony scarab amulet inset with emerald eyes, a large spidersilk sack, some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps, a tiny embossed satchel labled, "IDEAS" in glittering blue diamonds, a tiny smuggler's moneybelt studded with tiny blue diamonds, an origami-paper envelope, a colorful sack embroidered with bursting pinatas, a crystal skull, a tiny hand-stitched travelers pack with gold ferret clasps and a tiny black carryall clasped with gold ferret with blue diamond eyes. Belladzia asks Averiss in Gorbesh, "I lie?" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "As long as there's not hide and seek, simly too skewed to the Gnomish side" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "No she is telling the truth." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Our next meeting will be mostly devoted to our guest speaker who is someone very very special in the world of Elanthia." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "I love sending invasionary forces to keep people on their toes." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He's lying, he doesn't send them to keep you on your toes." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "He likes killing you." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "But anyway, after that we'd like to bring the level of the meetings down to something less formal and more chaotic." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "So if you have suggestions post them to your forums." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Always a welcome idea." Belladzia asks Averiss in Gorbesh, "Shall we move on to the question and evasive answer portion?" Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Or did you want to kill them first?" Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Although I suddenly fear him testing my ability to stop a mammoth with a roar." Jerecis asks in Gorbesh, "Well, it's a good thing you didn't tell them the 'I beat Tieheq in an arm wrestling competition' story then eh?" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "I would hate to bloody the place up, since most are not ready for it I imagine." Belladzia says to Maulem in Gorbesh, "Tempting him is a bad idea, he doesn't have a LOT of self control where killing you is concerned." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Yeah, you have no idea with him, I can't stress that." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Ok ready." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Anyone here ever a part of the old G.N.O.M.E. meetings?" Vyraka says in Gorbesh, "Darn it - and I just got my favors back up to 19." You say, "Those guys always had the best games." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "I attended a few events they held" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "We'd like to speak with you both sometime when we can coordinate a meeting type of thing." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I told you." Halfstaff says in Gorbesh, "certainly" Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Didn't I say don't tempt him?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "But no, you all thought I was just talking." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Mmm. Beefy." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Its not the normal swain I assure you." Unorina says in Gorbesh, "Good night all." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Not to worry if you die we'll take care of it." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "We must get him in some sort of therapy for this." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Wow. REALLY beefy." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Join on me everone." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Roarin. Join up." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Aww." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Ok first before we go any further, hold up a moment please." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "I want to make sure the meeting if there is anything else we need to discuss before I unleash some fun in this room." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Yeah the Q A" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Lets get that over with then you can kill them all." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Anyone have a question?" Azmag asks in Gorbesh, "Has any new information been found regarding the gnomish gods?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "RAise your hand if you do." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Lets do that first, then." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Once you have the dice feel free to ask away." Azmag asks in Gorbesh, "Has any new information been found regarding the gnomish gods?" Belladzia says to Averiss in Gorbesh, "WE'll do the gift before you kill them all too." Jerecis asks in Gorbesh, "That's not the gift?" Maulem says in Gorbesh, "But ya must roll a five or better to ask a question." Belladzia says to Averiss in Gorbesh, "I'll let you deal with the Gnome Gods. They scare me." Azmag says in Gorbesh, "A no comment will suffice here" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "The Gnome Gods is in progress, let put it that way, it is deep under investigation at the moment." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Between murdering sprees" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "The Gnome Gods are in progress I mean." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Anyone else have a question?" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Can't seem to raise my hand" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Averiss broke the room." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Just ask away." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Well last meeting I was asking about being able to hail Gnomes more respectfully, and as an addition I'd like to ask if it would be possible to get just a general 'hail' verb" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Or nod at me and I'll give you the dice." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "So we didn't have to hail each person in the room seperately" Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "General hail as in?" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "I forgot about the dice." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Gets, repetitive" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Oh I see what you mean." Vyraka says in Gorbesh, "hail all" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "We'll look into that and see what we can discover before the next meeting." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "General hail, check." Maulem asks in Gorbesh, "Any progress on the lang fort idea?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Ah" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Yes." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "No." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Thus, "question and evasive answer"." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I am in negotiations with a group of elves for some land south of Crossing." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Basically, yeah." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, ""Soon"" Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Aww...but...that's clear down THERE..." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I should have something more to report at the next meeting." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "It's lovely down there." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "And you'll like it." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Anyone have a question?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "The only requirement of land I currently have is easy access to the Gnome home once its you know settleed." Halfstaff says in Gorbesh, "thank you" Halfstaff asks in Gorbesh, "forgive me for asking, but I've been away traveling for a while. But has any progress been made on the Village?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Your turn for an evasive answer." Halfstaff says in Gorbesh, "not pressing..just asking" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "There has yes, but that is for my fellow Co Champian to speak of." Averiss says in Gorbesh, "Dartanian Is not with us today unfortunately." Kargoth says in Gorbesh, "thanks" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "We answer to many." Kargoth asks in Gorbesh, "i just like to know more of the white tree symbol and why are we so peacefull all of a sudden?" Kargoth asks in Gorbesh, "we are all still gorbesh aint we?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Actually the are you gorbesh is an argument I'd rather not have tonight." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Again." Vyraka whispers, "I'm trying to be a good girl, and not a speaking hog." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "The symbol is neither peaceful nor violent. Its a representation of two ideals from the homeland that the Kaldar who still live there often use." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "And so we've simply imported it. If you prefer a clenched fist by all means use that." Kargoth says in Gorbesh, "kaldar are of pure blood tho and always have been" Kargoth says in Gorbesh, "our gods even point that out" Vyraka whispers, "I never understand what people mean by pure blood." Kargoth says in Gorbesh, "is just a different way i see things i guess" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "I don't follow the pureblood arguement though thats not all that important at the moment I suppose." Vyraka whispers, "Oh good - glad I'm not the only one." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "It's simply a symbol, it represents the people in a general way. It's not religous or cultural persay." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "It simply is." Kargoth says in Gorbesh, "and i nice one at that" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "And as I said if you prefer a clenched fist, go for it." Belladzia asks in Gorbesh, "Anyone else with a question?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "nod since I guess you can't raise your hand now." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Quick before he can't control himself." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "The gift is Kaldar inspired but Gnomes are welcome to one as well." Jerecis asks in Gorbesh, "Wha' am I gon' do with that?" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "A servant of Averiss" Vyraka exclaims in Gorbesh, "I loooove it!" Averiss says in Gorbesh, "You were not supposed to kill him." Maulem asks in Gorbesh, "No?" Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Good evening to you all, I leave you in the hands of Averiss." Belladzia says in Gorbesh, "Gods help you all." Maulem says in Gorbesh, "Sorry, Nasenedra said I should." Songbird says, "pretty" You say, "OH, is to late to ask if there are any "albarian" gems in the new system? Ones that would traditionally be from the south of the Hand." You say, "Yea like that." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "There are a few different kinds that are on the stuff sold in the caravan" Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "But I'm not sure that they're in the system yet.. I can search the stuff I've been collecting though" You say, "Yea I was kinda wondering if those on the wagon gear were just gems or specifically albarian gems." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Well then, guess I'm set to lose m'head" You say, "Well, I'll put up a proceedings of the meeting tomorrow sometime." Jerecis says in Gorbesh, "Thanks Hanryu" You say, "Safe paths folks."

~Hunter Hanryu

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