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Living Vine Cloaks · on 09/24/2020 19:57 11310
Uh, stepping in.

No, they (living vine cloaks) do not lose health while offline. They also do not lose health when not being worn.

Any time you see an atmo message, it's lost some health. When you see a bolded atmo message, it's changed health tiers. Atmo messages happen every 15-30 minutes naturally, though RUB/TICKLE can alter the timing (and rub causes a bigger hit up front because of the delay in atmo messages). Most of the atmo messages, but not all, will display a health indication. These aren't something you need to babysit hourly to keep alive, but definitely don't go afk for a full day. Random item is very random in terms of the damage done -- its mood and activity levels (hidden stats that also randomize themselves periodically) can affect the damage they take each cycle, too. All of these factors also affect the atmo messages that can trigger.

Vine health strings to watch for (in order from healthy to near-dead):

  • lush emerald green
  • rich and earthy green
  • spotted green and yellow
  • wilting light green
  • mottled green and brown
  • limp and mostly brown
  • dried out brown

(the next step is death)

Flower health strings (same order):

  • vibrant
  • vivid
  • hearty
  • faded
  • splotchy
  • withering
  • shriveled

(the next step is death)


This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia/Paid Events / Quests, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.