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Listen 2.0 · on 7/5/2008 1:24:22 AM 218

Because I know there's going to be some confusion on this issue, here's the scoop on LISTEN <teacher> OBSERVE.

When you listen to a class normally under Teaching 2.0, you learn three skills. From highest exp to lowest, they will be the Subject, Scholarship, and Teaching.

If you use the LISTEN <teacher> OBS option instead, the order is reversed. From highest to lowest, Teaching, Scholarship, Subject.

Note that if teaching or scholarship is the subject of the class, you will only learn two skills at the standard rate. In short, if you are observing a teaching class you don't get Teaching + Scholarship + Teaching. You just get the Teaching + Scholarship, and lose the Subject experience since you already gained some.

What this means is that teaching classes on teaching is no longer necessary, and is in fact wasteful. If you want to learn teaching from someone else, have them teach any other subject and LISTEN OBSERVE the class. You'll learn teaching just as well as if they were teaching teaching, and you'll get a bit of the subject as well.

Hope this helps clarify some of the confusion I know some folks are feeling on that particular feature.

- GM Dartenian

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Teaching Skill, by DR-DARTENIAN on the forums.