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Learning Khri the Hard Way · on 03/20/2015 11:18 PM CDT 258
Howdy folks,

I've released a new way for Thieves to learn their khri abilities. Any Thief that meets the requirements can teach a khri to a less experienced Thief. The process is nowhere near as simple as learning from a Guild Leader, so if you have the opportunity and the inclination, it will probably be a simpler task to learn it from them. But for those that really don't want to travel, or cannot travel, this will be a way for you to learn your abilities that normally require visiting guilds in other provinces.

In order to teach a khri to another player, you must:

-Know the khri you are teaching.
-Be at least a certain circle compared to the tier of the khri. 20th circle is required for the earliest khri, 100th circle will be able to teach any khri.
-Be higher circle than your student.

In order to learn a khri from another player, you must:

-Have an available khri slot
-Meet all khri and circle prerequisites
-Have more than enough skill to start the khri. Borderline skills will not be able to learn.

The process starts when a Thief TEACH KHRI <name> to <player>. The student can then LISTEN to <player>. Both parties then enjoy a nice chunk of RT, and the realization that Guild Leaders are much better at teaching abilities than players are. Once this RT is over, the teacher may continue about his/her business.

The student now knows a little bit about the khri that was taught, but will be downright terrible at using it. In order to get to the point where it becomes as usable as normal, you can either wait for a good long time, or you can attempt to start the khri regularly. During this time khri meditate will only be functional to help reduce the learning period. Diligent effort can reduce the learning period significantly.

Any questions or concerns, let me know.

ASGM Ricinus
Core, Logistics, Survival
Cleric Advocate

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