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Re: Is HE broke? · on 08/18/2015 01:21 PM CDT 2166
At this time all TM spells are equally accurate.

There's also no setting to make a spell "backfire more". Spells have a difficulty setting, and that's that. Any other spell of equal difficulty cast under the same circumstances will backfire the same amount.

The comments about DFA being less useful if they don't have a shield are true.

All* creatures have armor. If they don't have real armor, they have natural armor. As a rule of thumb around 100th level we start giving all creatures shields - if they aren't humanoid they get a natural shield. This is nothing new and you can tell when a creature has one of these because they'll block with it. 'dillos are a classic example of a creature like this, but so are lava drakes a bunch more.

This is part of why head-splitters are so popular. They're about 100th level, undead and lack a shield and are wearing tissue paper armor. Frankly, they're broken and it's been on my list for awhile to help them out.


There might be some that aren't set up correctly. There's a lot of creatures, I certainly didn't audit them all.

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This message was originally posted in The Clerics / Magic Talk ~ Current Cleric Magic, by DR-RAESH on the forums.


GM Raesh Followed up this post with a couple corrections in post # 2170:

Sorry - I didn't mean DFA = Non-DFA.

I meant "Random non-DFA spell #1" = "Random non-DFA spell #2" and "Random DFA spell #1" = "Random DFA spell #2".

I'd actually have to go code diving to remind myself it there's an accuracy change between DFA and non-DFA... I don't believe there is, but there is certainly the evasion bonus which is kinda the same thing.