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Re: Is Arcane a bad thing? · on 9/14/2010 4:57:51 PM 6317
The Arcane covers everything in magic that cannot be neatly classified into the four conventional realms of magic. There are legitimate scholars of the Arcane on Elanthia, who are essentially magic's version of cryptozoologists and teratologists. There are people who study latent magical properties of strange ores, do research into the very quantra of spell design, try to understand the mechanics behind the slugs that fart out rainbows, etc.

However, by far the biggest contribution to the Provinces' culture and history that the Arcane has produced is evil in magic form. Especially in the current climate, anyone with a legitimate interest in the Arcane is either going to be somewhere like Throne City or deep within the Magic Prime guild structures where these kind of distinctions are routinely made, or is going to be at risk of a fire-related misunderstanding.


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