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Increase to Empathy EXP from Healing · on 1/20/2011 8:39:42 PM 283
I have rolled in a change that should increase the EXP gains you see from training empathy by healing.

The increase is sizable. The idea behind this boost is to make healing the hands-down best method for gaining Empathy EXP. My goal here is to allow an Empath who makes an effort at healing to both be able to mind-lock Empathy by healing without unusual circumstances such as tourneys or invasions, but further, to allow an Empath to train to circle solely by healing at a reasonable rate if they so choose.

The EXP is very generous, accordingly. Training Empathy via healing is different from almost every other type of training in the game. An Empath cannot simply go out and heal patients whenever they wish to -- they must find someone both willing and wounded in order to train. The EXP is set accordingly.

If something changes to make wounds more plentiful in the future, that may necessitate a decrease in healing EXP. But we can worry about that if and when it happens.

This has been in testing for weeks now, so hopefully the numbers are good, but I do reserve the right to downtweak it if things just seem out of hand.

Feedback is welcome!



This message was originally posted in The Empaths (20) \ Game Master and Official Announcements (1), by DR-MELETE on the forums.