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Re: I wonder · on 03/23/2015 01:31 AM CDT 3245
>>I wonder If we whine hard enough, something might come in the works for us.

This is not a good approach if you want a constructive response.

However, since you seem to have missed it, I have been talking about Paladin development on the forums recently (And actually have a design doc I've been working on in another tab right now). Are we still fairly early in the process? Yes, so I'm not able to divulge details yet. I will humor your questions in the spirit they were intended:

>>Warhorses-fix them


>>holy weapon-fix it


>>soul system-weird and mostly OOC


>>Endurance- will we ever get this?


>>The obvious PvP trollbait questions.



1 - I know nothing of the horse system and I don't believe anyone is currently engaged with it (Though every now and then someone gives it the stink eye). Horses are part of the unholy trinity of exceedingly complex systems with poor documentation and RoI (Ships and Homes being the other two. Though substances really belongs on the list too.)

2 - Not part of my current design doc (since I'm trying to keep the scope manageable and it's focused on the soul system and making armor primary interesting) but something I think is important to improve for the Paladin experience.

3 - I'm not sure what's OOC about it, but yes, it's out of date and is a large part of my current project.

4 - The Paladin Guild Skill is a big part of the design I'm working on, but I would be shocked if it keeps the name and concept of Endurance.

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