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Re: I was so disapointed · on 08/27/2015 05:28 AM CDT 11708
For those playing Necromancers and who may have some difficulty with the RP aspects of this, here are some IC explanations for the way things currently work:

* Shadowsilk - Shadowsilk is magical. Spells are magical, including Transcendental Necromancer spells. The magic of shadowsilk does not play nice with other magic that alters people's perceptions of your body, causing (at least parts of) the shadowsilk's magic to become unstable and fail.

* (almost all) Other magical feature hiding items, such as illusion masks - Same deal as shadowsilk.

* Non-magical barrier clothing, such as masks, cloaks, shrouds, wrapping yourself in the hollowed out corpse of a nearby street urchin - Spells are magical, your clothes are not. In the case of Necromancer spells far more than most all others, many of them warp what non-Necromancers might consider 'reality' in some fashion, even within the context of magic itself. They break sense, they defy mundane and magical order, they rebel. They are unnatural to the point that even being able to cast them requires a fundamental re-wiring of the mind so profound that there are unending arguments over what exact side effects come along with it even if you never ever bother to cast a single thing after being so attuned.

(As an aside, forced Necromantic attunement has even been used as a punishment in some circles.)

One of the known qualities of Transcendental Magic is that it defies almost all means of being hidden. It is not infrequently postulated amongst Necromancers -- most often Philosophers -- that this is a sign of it being a deliberate affront to the Natural Order (as a greater concept, more than simply 'thing not occurring naturally'). Some even believe that this resistance to being hidden is actually an important piece of a larger magical puzzle, and perhaps even a key that can be used to unlock other, greater Necromantic Truths.

As you might imagine, these folks aren't the ones necessarily keen about some of the developments within Corruption Magic that seek to mask the innate and extraordinary Defiance that they see as part and parcel of Transcendental Magic, but hey, Necromancers are a pretty fractious lot, even here in the time of the Triumphant. Perhaps there is some other key Necromantic Truth to be found in the hows and whys of such dampening via Corruption ...

Basically, what I'm saying is that in the case of Trans spells specifically, the visible changes not being hidden by (almost all, the mentioned auction item is the intentional exception) existing items is not a plot hole, it is a plot point.

Even if we were to go and change how all items work with all other spells that have a visible lingering effect, I'd be extremely against doing it that way for Trans spells, because for them, it is actually very important to the RP that they function as they do. This is why that auction item was created and was special, presaging the IC development of Rite of Grace.


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