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Re:High Sorcery Research · on 06/15/2017 12:37 AM CDT 2447
>>Teleologic sorcery has a pretty negative history within the Moon Mage guild IC. I remember reading awhile back on the forums that Hylomorphic and Antinomic sorceries wouldn't necessarily have the same mechanical penalties and/or the same IC ramifications as teleologic sorcery. Obviously they're all illegal and scary to the ignorant peasants but are they as taboo to the scholars of the WM and Cleric guilds as teleogic is to the MM guild (not counting Tezirites)?

Internally, the Moon Mage Guild is the laxest of the three.

The Warrior Mage Guild has been squashing any sorcerous spark in their ranks with an iron fist for a long time. They've got Grovekeepers responsible for the task.

The Cleric Guild... is yet mostly ignorant of the matter because the gods have been silent, and so it's in lockstep with the provincial powers. Records of "sorcerer-priests" have always been attributable to nothing more than Low Sorcery, but there are fresh rumors surrounding an event in modern history known as the Misenseor Tragedy.

GM Grejuva

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