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Re: High Level Hunting Areas · on 5/11/2011 5:53:07 PM 4989
Interesting thread. I'm seeing alot of what players perceive as distance vs the game's distance calculations and what players perceive as a province vs what actually makes up a province.

Someone pointed out that players can run between provinces rather quickly and that's true. Due to that it definately can skew how a player perceives distance. Boats however run on the actual distance calculations of the game so they're considerably slower than running the mainland on foot. When I first became a GM I asked about the Degan's speed and was surprised to find out its actually running at turbo speed now, way faster then say a modern motorboat. Chances of it being made much quicker aren't good but, as always, things could change in the future as systems are improved.

As far as adding hunting to the boats, doing that limits who can take them since not everyone can hunt at the same level. Dying on a boat sucks!

P2 and P4 provinces are actually fleshed out fairly well critter wise. P4 consists of all the islands and you can pretty much find what you need on one of them. We've been busy revamping the ones that are older or just plain have issues to make them more viable. Since this is the Rissan folder, I'll start a thread in the Theren folder to discuss that area.

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