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Heal Wounds and Heal Scars Preview · on 5/25/2009 6:41:46 PM 253

New versions of the HEAL WOUNDS and HEAL SCARS spells are will be released for testing in Prime and Platinum approximately 15 minutes after this announcement is posted. There have been some major changes with these spells, so please read the following notes carefully before trying them.

Basic Syntax:


External, internal, and reverse are all optional, and can be abbreviated EXT/INT/REV.

Now for details:

(1) The casting difficulty of both spells has been reduced to match EWH (heal wounds) and ESH (heal scars).

(2) When cast without specifying EXT/INT/REV, it will attempt to heal external damage first. If the external wound is healed completely and power remains, it will attempt to heal the corresponding internal.

-- When cast with the EXT option, it will attempt to heal externals only.

-- When cast with the INT option, it will attempt to heal internals only.

-- When cast with the REV option, it will attempt to heal internals first, then externals if power remains.

(3) A bug was discovered in the old system that was mishandling the mana-to-healing conversion for scars. This has been fixed. Overall, the difficulty for healing wounds should be roughly the same as before. However, you will find that healing scars is now less efficient than before. Note: The spell is NOT more difficult to cast. The difference is that where 10 mana might have healed 8 points of arm scars before, it may now only heal 5-6 points. This bug fix will be monitored, and may be tweaked.

(4) Another bug was discovered that was causing incorrect conversion of wounds to scars. This has been fixed as well, and there should now be a more consistent pattern (PAFO!) to how wounds are translated into scars.

(5) The way the spell messages healing has been revised. Previously, the amount of healing messaged reflected how much healing potential was created -- ie if the spell would only heal 1 point of damage, it would "slightly improve" a wound, whereas if it could potentially heal 50 points of damage, it was "greatly improve". Note that this is potential healing, not actual healing, so even if you only had 1 point of damage in the first place, the two example messages would have remained the same. The new messaging will directly reflect how much of the wound is actually healed -- if it says your arm is slightly improved, it means the arm is slightly improved, and still needs a lot of healing. If it says your arm is greatly improved, it means it is almost completely healed. In short, the new messaging will indicate the state of the wound after healing, rather than how much power you put into your spell.

Important: At some point in the near future, four healing spells will be going away. EWH, IWH, ESH, and ISH will be phased out, and the slots returned to the empaths. HW and HS will be the new starter healing spells (hence the reduction in difficulty). The goal is to make it so new empaths do not need 4 spells (and a minimum of 5th circle) just to handle the basics of healing, as well as reduce the amount of redundancy in the empath spell book. We do have some new spells under construction (with one going on Preview as soon as these two come off) to help fill these newly-freed slots. In addition, a few spells will see their prereqs and minimum circle requirements tweaked to allow for more freedom of spell choice at low circles.

- GM Dartenian

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