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HE 2013 Gift is Available · on 11/04/2013 09:31 PM CST 2860

The gift is available now. You'll find some stairs in the lower deck, and some instructions for claiming it up the stairs on a sign in the western room. STUDY the gift in the room with the bell to see ways to customize its appearance.

F.A.Q. :

* Do these give Necromancers DO?


If a Divinely Outrageous Necromancer uses the gift, they may get some scary messaging. Some of you seem to think this is giving you Divine Outrage. It doesn't give DO, SO or any other kind of O. People are just misunderstanding the messaging -- cross my heart.

* What if an Empath uses the CLENCH function?

If the Empath is in brawling mode it does damage and shocks them if they hit a player or non-construct. If done out of Brawling mode, then it does no damage and does not cause shock. This feature only works for Empaths.

* Can these be altered?

Well...kinda. A lot of alterers will probably not want to work with them due to their holy magicalness. You will need an in-person alterer. There are some pretty strict limitations on how they may be altered as well. So it may be more useful to consider them as not being alterable, except by very patient and exceptional alterers.

* Do I have to customize the gift right then?

No! You can customize the gift for the time that the festival is open. More frugal types might prefer to wait until someone has compiled a list of options and posted it somewhere.



This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Hollow Eve Festival, by DR-MELETE on the forums.