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Good News, Bad News · on 8/28/2002 3:38:32 PM 13

This post is a bit of good news and bad news. I'll give good news first.

Good news:

1) Whole Displacement is now live. The spell on a conceptual level works precisely the same as always. However, it's been completely rewritten. Casting on someone/something else now does a totally different routine for determining the weight of the target. What this means is that something small like a ship's rat or a Gnome is going to be far easier to displace (and for some mages, may be extremely easy to do), while on the opposite end of the spectrum, something as large as an angiswaerd is going to be very hard (and there may very well be critters that are simply too large to ever displace). The end result is a much more predictable spell use.

For Whole Displacement's self cast function, it now will only teleport you if you're engaged (or if something is engaged to you). It no longer will teleport you into melee range, nor will it keep pulsing (annoyingly) all the time. On the flip side of this aspect, the roundtime for displacing has been replaced by a very brief stun. Try it out before complaining about the stun -- it actually works very well in practice. The spell was never designed to be used against ranged-capable foes.

2) Some Moonblade changes are now live. Aside from corrections to the duration messaging and fixing the issue with slivers coming from the wrong moon, the major change is that Moonblade will now form a Heavy Moonblade if your HE skill skill is greater than your ME skill skill. This is not an optional thing; it's automatic. The Heavy Moonblade spell, when released, will be appropriately resized to something larger (or scrapped altogether; we haven't decided yet).

Now... the bad news...

GM Tribanin's real life has become incredibly busy and fulfilling, so much so that he no longer can find the time to commit to DragonRealms. This is certainly very good news for him -- not such good news for us. GM Tribanin has left staff, and we wish him the best.

What this means is that I or another GM will be picking up and completing the notorious Su Helmas work. GM Chisoni has already picked up quite a hefty load of various Moon Mage projects, so Moon Mage development is by no means in a lurch. Coming soon after Sarevael's departure, also for real life reasons, this probably seems like quite the blow, but believe me, the Moon Mage Guild will survive and survive quite nicely.

So enjoy the new spell, new tweak, and wish GM Tribanin good luck with everything. He'll certainly be missed.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages \ Game Master and Official Announcements (1), by DR-RIGBY on the forums.