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definition: Orrery: An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system device that illustrates the relative sizes, positions, and motions of the planets and moons according to the heliocentric model.

approximately 11:55pm, Central Standard Time, Sunday, May 11th 2014

It has been 412 years, 233 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. It is the 6th month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare. It is currently summer and it is midday. You're positive it's 14 roisaen before the Anlas of Firulf's Flame.

  • Artificer Tozu Ayochi joins the adventure.

You see Artificer Tozu Ayochi, a Gnome. Tozu has an oval face, piercing grey eyes and a bulbous nose. He has thinning raven-black hair, with pale skin and a thin build. He is short for a Gnome. He appears to be an adult. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black gold kyanite gwethdesuan, a black gold jadeite gwethdesuan, a satin crimson sash embroidered with the symbol of Tezirah, a tooled leather enchanter's satchel with antiqued silver buckles, a black robe shot with golden thread and some sturdy black boots.

[Middens, Crossbow Bend] Before you stands the Observatory of the Southern Crossbow. It is a three-story edifice, its sixteen-sided walls capped with a crystal dome. The top floor is also the nerve center of the Moon Mages' Guild, a most powerful and revered arcane circle throughout Elanthia. All in all a rather quirky structure, it manages to inspire awe and curiosity at the same time. A carved ivory door leads inside. You also see an ivory urn. Also here: Traim, Mysterious Kintryn, Blood Dancer Nideaya, Steel Heart Cyiarriah, Court Adjutant Powerhaus who has a fiery visage and Artificer Tozu. Obvious paths: northeast, west.

You say, "What brings you to Zoluren?"

You smile at Tozu.

Tozu says, "I'm being used as a Goldcap."

Tozu says, "Not literally you understand."

Tozu smiles.

Traim whistles low.

Traim asks, "News to spread? Or news to gather?"

You say, "Good news one hopes."

Tozu says, "But, things being what they are, resources are stretched slightly thin and I'm one of the few both trusted and rather... unimportant."

Tozu says, "Which, apparently, makes me the perfect errand boy."

Tozu chortles softly at some secret joke.

Traim asks, "Anything we can help with?"

Traim says, "Might not be as trusted. But probably even more dispensable."

Tozu says, "Nothing of that sort, no, though I can share some of the news."

Tozu says, "With..."

Tozu gestures around him.

Traim nods to Tozu.

Tozu says, "Yet no one wants to leave their little seats of power, and no one wants to gather everyone in one place least the lava start flowing."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Tozu blanches.

Tozu says, "Sorry, that last comment was in poor taste."

Traim says, "Lava start flowing..."

Tozu says, "So much of the news is bitter these days, I suppose I have a few rays of light in all that to share if you like."

Traim says, "That would be most welcome, Tozu."

Tozu asks, "Have you heard about the artifact the Pethians turned up?"

Traim shakes his head at Tozu.

Traim asks, "I haven't. Only by reference in the vision. Skaen?"

You shake your head.

You say, "Nor I."

Nideaya asks, "What's the artifact?"

Nideaya narrows her eyes.

Tozu says, "Something in Su Helmas. I haven't seen it yet myself, but they seem to think it has some interesting enchantments woven into it. Some sort of orrery I believe."

You take in a great breath of air.

Traim raises an eyebrow.

Tozu says, "Taramaine is in discussion with the Pethians what to do with it. The last I heard is they'll likely put it on display somewhere."

Powerhaus asks you, "Orrery?"

Traim asks, "Excellent. Development. Hopefully it's not something Hand of Meraud explosive-like?"

Tozu says, "I'm looking forward to it, we've so much to learn from the past and so few fragments it seems."

Tozu says to Traim, "One would hope."

You say to Powerhaus, "A mechanical model of the heavens."

Powerhaus nods.

Traim nods in agreement.

You say, "Useful in visualizing orbital bodies."

Traim asks, "Have the Pethians, or the Grandmaster, indicated what kind of enchantments they believe are woven into it?"

Tozu says to Traim, "Like I said, I haven't had a chance to study it myself."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Tozu says to Traim, "It's old though."

Powerhaus asks, "Interest because of it's age?"

Traim says, "It must be."

Traim says to Tozu, "I imagine the Pethians are excited? I'll take back everything I've said about the days spent digging in the dirt I suppose."

Tozu says, "Either way, it's been awhile since they turned up anything of real interest from all the excavations, or at least anything they've discussed publically."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Tozu scratches thoughtfully at his chin.

Traim asks, "Have they given any thought as to where to display it? Or is it not even clear that it will be displayed yet?"

Tozu says, "Tiv. I suppose he's the other bit of good news."

Tozu says, "Or at least passably so."

Traim says, "Oh, yes."

Cyiarriah asks, "He's improved?"

Traim says, "As interesting as the mechanism is, I would very much like to hear about Master Tiv."

Tozu says to Traim, "I expect it will be put on display, Taramaine is insisting on it. I don't know where yet. " Traim nods.

Tozu says, "He's... I don't know if improved is the word for it."

Traim gazes at Tozu.

Tozu says, "Perhaps it is."

Traim asks, "Is he still staying with Gylwyn?"

Tozu says, "His moods are volatile and he's rarely been willing to see people."

Traim frowns.

Tozu says, "But he's taking food and on the occasions he's taken visitors he's been mostly coherant."

Traim gives a slight nod.

Tozu says to Traim, "Mostly. There's been some discussion of relocating him to Throne City for better care but no one has wanted to press the point yet."

Traim says, "Understandable. He was very specific in his requests when he..came back."

Tozu says, "I've only seen him once since his return. He was... distant. Melancholy would be the best description I suppose."

Tozu says, "If I had to guess the visions have started to fade from his mind. He doesn't seem to want to talk about them."

Traim says, "Interesting. What gift are fading visions? If, I guess, it ever was a gift."

Tozu shakes his head at Traim.

Tozu says to Traim, "I don't believe it was a gift. I think it was a price."

Tozu says, "Or perhaps a requirement."

Powerhaus nods to Tozu.

You say, "Fading visions give you a chance at salvaging your sanity."

Traim nods to you.

You say, "That's quite a gift."

Traim says, "True."

Tozu says to you, "Maybe he's trying to forget. I don't know."

Traim asks, "What did he pay for then?"

Traim says, "Time maybe? Something yet unknown to us? The visions remain. The threat seems to remain."

Traim sighs.

Traim paces back and forth.

Tozu says to Traim, "His life? Our lifes? I don't know. He seemed to bring a warning with him when he came back, but we haven't been able to figure out anything specific."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Traim asks, "His life. Hmm. Yes, he should have died in that volcano by all accounts, yes?"

Tozu says to Traim, "No one in the volcano survived that I'm aware of."

Tozu says, "A few managed to flee in time."

Traim quietly says, "Very few."

Tozu says, "I'm not sure what they're going to do for Tiv. Maybe a quiet retirement? Trying to picture the Guild without him... he's been part of it for so long."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Tozu says, "I suppose some of the older Elves and Dwarves remember the Guild before him, but he's been there for generation after generation of students."

Traim asks, "And who would rebuild the Crystal Hand?"

Tozu says to Traim, "Not all it's members died in those fires, or even the bulk. But it was certainly a blow to the sect."

Tozu says, "The Ith'Draknari Halls survived of course."

Traim says, "I suppose in my mind, my limited perspective, the sect was always synanomous with Master Tiv."

Traim says, "I did not know of the Ith'Draknari Halls location. Though I admit I never was good with my history."

Traim asks, "Where is that?" Traim peers quizzically at you. Traim peers quizzically at Powerhaus.

You say, "The fourth..."

You lower your eyelids slightly, searching your mind.

Tozu says, "It's near the Lesser Fist, lower down than Tiv's former guild."

Powerhaus nods.

Tozu says, "It's the major gathering point of the Crystal Hand currently."

Traim says, "Ah."

Traim asks, "I don't suppose Tiv has passed on anything that he's learned, from the visions? Anything helpful given the visions we see now?"

Traim says, "Demosel and Amiss perishing. Taisgath falling."

Tozu says, "I think Cherulisa will end up looking after him if he recovers enough to travel. She's expressed some interest in doing so as one of his former students (Kssarh would not be as good of an idea...) and I think her lifestyle would agree with him."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Traim says, "Excellent idea."

Tozu says to Traim, "They've been carefully recording anything he says, but nothing particullarly insightful has been identified as far as I know."

Traim says, "I guess if you see that much, trying to pick out a few threads for analysis must be like focusing on sand grains in the ocean."

Tozu nods to Traim.

Tozu says, "As for the visions."

Tozu shudders.

Tozu asks, "Seems we've nothing but visions of terror these days. When was the last time you say a vision about a wedding or festival or something?"

Tozu says, "Cake. I'd like a vision of cake."

Traim chuckles.

You say, "It has been some time."

You nod in agreement.

Powerhaus says, "Terror cake."

Powerhaus nods.

You shake your head at Powerhaus.

Nideaya asks, "Do elves, even eat cake?"

Powerhaus says, "I think you're in the wrong business for visions of cake.."

Tozu smiles at Powerhaus.

Tozu says to Powerhaus, "Perhaps so. Perhaps I should have been a baker instead."

Tozu says, "I doubt quite so many forces would want me dead if that was the case."

Traim says, "I wonder what it says about us that our gift lends itself towards seeing mostly the darker influences in the way the web runs."

Traim nods at Tozu, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tozu says to Nideaya, "I assure you, I have it on good authority, that elves eat cake."

Tozu says, "Let me think, what else can I share."

Tozu says, "As I said, I'm no Goldcap - this errand boy thing isn't something I've had to do for decades."

Traim pats Tozu on the back.

Powerhaus says to Tozu, "What's your theory on what happened to Tiv?"

Nideaya asks Cyiarriah, "Does he know how to find the gnome, we are looking for?"

Cyiarriah says, "Ask him."

Cyiarriah looks at Nideaya and shrugs.

Traim says, "If Sherella couldn't...well, worth a question. Tozu is gifted."

Traim says, "Goldcap gifted."

Tozu says to Powerhaus, "More or less what everyone believes I think. That he saught out the Arbiter and the Arbiter stepped in."

Powerhaus nods to Tozu.

Cyiarriah says to Tozu, "The annoying Elf would like to know if you've ever come across a Gnome wearing a box as a hat."

Powerhaus grins at Cyiarriah.

Nideaya asks, "Annoying?"

Nideaya scowls.

Tozu says, "The visions were either what he asked for or the price for what he asked, I lean towards thinking it was the price - or perhaps the solution."

Nideaya says, "Hardly.."

Powerhaus nods to Tozu.

Tozu says to Cyiarriah, "A box as a hat? Uh. No."

Cyiarriah nods to Tozu.

Traim says to Tozu, "Zoluren is seeking a gnome related to Gadmadorz Ogondagazor, builder family of Sorrow's Keep."

Tozu says, "Afterwards he was lost in the Expanse for longer than anyone else I've ever heard of. How he stayed sane I do not know."

Traim says, "Tiv is the best of us."

Tozu says, "Of course, most would argue he didn't stay sane."

Traim says, "It will be a long time before I am ready to consider Master Tiv insane. If anyone can survive that experience sanity intact, it would be him."

Tozu says, "Oh, you mentioned the visions earlier."

Traim nods to Tozu.

Tozu says, "I agree with you about Amiss and Demosel but as I always caution with visions about specific people to be careful."

Tozu says, "It's easy for them to get recursive or influence the subject of the vision in unpredictable ways."

Tozu says, "Prophecy is such a tricky art."

Traim says, "Exceptionally rare for us to see things in, at least what appears to be, such a clear fashion."

Tozu nods to Traim.

Traim says, "That scares me. It suggests to me importance."

Traim says, "I don't trust it."

Tozu says, "Have you heard the rumors? They just started up a few days ago but I already fear they'll be confirmed."

Traim shakes his head at Tozu.

Cyiarriah says, "I can only imagine..."

Cyiarriah raises an eyebrow.

Tozu says, "One of the Celestian was found dead in his office, slumped over some papers. Not a mark on him. I haven't been able to get a name yet."

You frown.

Cyiarriah frowns.

Tozu says, "Which, these things happen, but I've heard a few other rumors in my recent travels of things that sound far too similar to my taste."

Traim bares his teeth.

You ask, "Here at our secthall or in Throne City?"

You ask, "Or elsewhere?"

Traim paces back and forth.

Tozu says, "I don't like it. It reminds me of the visions of Amiss and Demosel, which in turn has all sorts of implications."

Traim nods at Tozu, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tozu says to you, "Throne City. Taramaine has been trying to keep it quiet until more is known. Which isn't a bad policy but if we're too insular with our information I fear what we might miss."

You scrunch your forehead together and furrow your brow.

You say, "That is even more disturbing than here in Zoluren."

Traim nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Traim says, "The name of that Celestian, and the other targets, if they are confirmed, may be helpful in figuring a pattern. If one exists."

Tozu says, "I don't like it. I don't think there's much debate that Pelag ai Aldam is growing in power - but this may not be him at all. It should be beyond him, on this Plane at least."

Tozu says, "Growing in power, no, that's wrong."

Tozu asks, "Growing in influence perhaps or awareness?"

Traim asks, "Resolve?"

Traim chuckles.

You say, "Anger and resolve."

You nod to Traim.

Tozu nods.

Traim asks, "'Remember the vision of the elf in the forest? The one we took for Karosti?"

Traim says, "There's another threat in the shadows still."

Traim asks, "And this would not be beyond him, would it?" > You say, "I think if Karosti and the Children were to blame there would be marks."

Tozu says, "He's a force, a concept. His 'power' is a very vague idea." >Pelag ai Aldam

Tozu says to you, "Karosti does not tend to hide his influence, no."

Tozu says, "He is many things, but subtle is not one of them."

Traim says, "Well, I'm hoping it's one of those two, because the last thing we need is a third."

You say, "Fear and theatricality are two favored tools of Kalestraum."

Tozu says to Traim, "A sad, but accurate, assessment."

Tozu shakes his head.

Tozu says, "I miss the days of being able to study in peace."

Traim asks, "There was such a thing?"

You chuckle to yourself.

Traim gives Tozu a wry grin.

You say, "Gnomes must be longer lived than I thought."

Tozu says, "Not really. The guild has always been full of politics and backstabbing."

Tozu says, "But at least we make a show of civility from time to time."

Traim dryly says, "A fine balance."

Traim asks, "We are having a conclave of students in a few days time, Tozu. You know of this?"

Traim says, "Well, all moon mages are invited, though I expect it will be students that attend."

Tozu says, "I've heard there were plans in place but not the details."

Tozu nods to Traim.

Traim gets a silver-edged papyrus invitation with an intricate starchart overlay from inside his spidersilk backpack.

Traim offers Tozu a silver-edged papyrus invitation with an intricate starchart overlay.

Tozu accepts Traim's papyrus invitation.

Traim says, "We are meeting to discuss a variety of these same issues."

Traim says, "And concerns."

Traim says, "And to spend some lighter time, if we can, renewing that sense of unity that Malzard is always blubbering about."

You smile.

You nod in agreement.

Tozu says, "That is, perhaps, for the best."

Tozu says, "I feel unity is one of the few things that may get us through these times. The possible resurgance of a sect of ruthless sorcerers, rampant and reckless use of sorcery, and a near-divine being from another plane with a grudge against our entire guild."

Tozu says, "Yes. Unity is a shield against all of that."

Tozu groans.

Tozu asks, "But it can't hurt, can it?"

Traim gives Tozu a wry grin.

Tozu says, "On the bright side Tezirah hasn't returned, yet."

Traim says, "No. It certainly cannot hurt. There is truth to the statement that we are stronger together, when we're not malfunctioning and stabbing each other."

Tozu says, "No Mirror Wraiths."

Traim dryly says, "Yet."

Traim gazes at Tozu.

You say, "A fractured guild falls easily to any one of those. Unity has carried us through many trials in our history."

Traim asks, "Demosel and Amiss, they were involved in sealing Tezirah away, weren't they?"

Traim says, "For some reason, the monochrome vision of the woman in purple just came to mind."

Tozu asks, "What do you make of it?"

Traim says, "The first thing I thought of was the obvious. Teleologic sorcery. And its spread, like a virus."

Tozu nods to Traim.

Tozu says, "I agree with your reading of it."

Tozu says, "It is an enticing art and perhaps the most potent weapon the Children have introduced in their fight against the guild."

Tozu says, "Both in their use of it and the spread of it to our own membership."

Traim says, "That has always been Malzard's argument too."

Traim makes a grunting noise.

Traim says, "How sly it was of them to introduce something students would not resist, and would practice and toy with until the connection burned out beneath them."

Tozu nods to Traim.

Tozu says, "Essentially."

Traim says, "Awful subtle though, for someone not known for that."

Traim sighs.

Traim says, "In any case, add the woman spreading purple to the threat list."

Tozu says, "Well, the counter argument for that is that it wasn't subtle."

You say, "Not all of them are unsubtle."

You grin.

Tozu says, "At least not by plan."

You say, "Ealuik is a skilled dissembler and seducer."

Tozu says, "That it was a tool he developed, or rediscovered depending on who you listen to."

Traim says, "Good points."

Tozu says, "And in showing off that power realized he could use it to recruit more to his cause."

Tozu asks, "So why not?"

Traim says, "I think the reason I have always had a hard time believing Malzard on this point is because I don't see why Karosti would willingly destroy the very thing that provides him power."

Traim asks, "Would good destroying prophecy? Is he just that insane? Burn it all?"

Traim says, "What good to him I mean."

Tozu shakes his head.

Tozu says, "I don't think his motives are that simple."

Tozu says, "Or that sane."

Tozu glances towards the sun.

Tozu asks, "I should get going soon. Is there any word you'd like me to take South?"

Traim smiles. You ask, "The Celestial forum has room for an orrery?"

You chortle softly and draw tiny circles in the air with the tip of your tail.

Traim says, "Nothing of import. Give Master Mortom my best too. And please let us know if there is anything at the conclave that we ought to discuss."

Tozu grins at you.

Traim says, "Or, well, anything we can be helpful with."

Tozu says to you, "And so the sect struggle begins."

Traim grins at you.

Cyiarriah says to Tozu, "Good to see you again, travel safely."

Tozu taps a silver-edged papyrus invitation with an intricate starchart overlay that he is holding.

Tozu asks, "I will keep this in mind. What are you planning for it if you don't mind my asking?"

Traim asks, "The conclave?"

Tozu nods.

Traim says, "Sect members are speaking, of what each sect means to them. We are having some trivia. Miskton is discussin visions and having an interpretation contest."

Traim says, "Then the larger discussion of the threats to the guild, how to meet them. How not to meet them. Whether to indulge some of the more controversial philosophies out there."

Traim gazes at Tozu.

Traim nods.

Tozu nods to Traim.

Tozu says, "Sounds excellent."

You say, "And cake."

Traim says, "It should be I think. They always have been."

Traim says, "Cake."

Traim grins wryly at you.

Tozu smirks.

Traim says, "With luck, everything will go smoothly."

Traim smiles slightly.

You say, "We had much more bloodthirsty elements within the guild at conclaves in the past."

You say, "I'm sure by comparison this one will be as smooth as silk."

Traim says, "Holding you to that."

Traim grins at you.

Tozu says, "... There's no way I'm touching that one."

You say, "Well, we haven't had to hire any enforcers to preemptively murder moon mages on entrance, yet."

You make casual circles in the air with the tip of your tail.

Traim says, "Yet. For all the anticipated calmness you see in this one, Skaen, we should take a moment there to raise a glass to the faces we won't see this time around."

Traim says, "They are missed."

You nod in agreement.

Tozu nods to Traim.

Tozu says, "Indeed."

Tozu says, "Well, be well. I hope the conclave goes well."

Tozu says, "I'll carry your well wishes to Mortom."

Tozu waves.

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