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Ghost Ship Incidental Loot Teaser · on 02/28/2012 02:08 PM CST 2952
No guarantees that all of this will end up on the quest, obviously. Something may happen last second or things may get shifted around, etc., etc., but here's a teaser peek...

You rummage through a NEW incidental chest and see a silvered dagger with a scrimshaw bone hilt, a fancy sailcloth shirt, a fancy pair of sailcloth pants, a broadsword with a sharpened knife edge, a purple suede hip pouch trimmed along the flap with a trio of gleaming sapphires, an ivory shark rising from a reef, a flagon of spiced rum, an oak belaying pin with tiny cracks in the knob, a crude wooden belaying pin, a steel dirk with a wire-wrapped hilt, an iron hawkbill with a witchclaw hilt, an electrum-hilted poignard, a steel misericorde with a rooster-shaped hilt, a steel jambiya with an alder hilt, a basket-hilted foil with an engraved blade, a steel gladius with a smokewood hilt, an iron baselard with a cherrywood hilt, some undyed sailcloth pants, a dingy muslin shirt stained with dried blood, a simple hatchet with an oak haft, a steel rapier with an ironwood hilt, a faded black tabard emblazoned with a skull and crossbones, an iron pugio with a wide blade, a steel-bladed falcata with a walnut hilt, a tarnished brass compass etched with a majestic galleon, a steel stiletto with a satinwood hilt, a steel-bladed katar with a brass hilt, a moth-eaten wool blanket, a garnet-red poplin dress, a boarding pike with a leaf blade, a deobar-hilted boarding axe with an iron blade, a ruby-red linsey woolsey cloak, a pair of striped sailcloth pantaloons, some striped blue and white pants made from oilcloth, a cedar mariner's case with a galleon-shaped lock, a delicate lace choker dangling a glistening heart-shaped amethyst, a pirate's scimitar tied with a black silk scarf, a double-wrapped leather sword belt, a gold velvet gem pouch emblazoned with a faded crest, some carved ironwood treasure chests, a pewter bracelet set with tiny pink kunzites, a rugged leather bandolier, a heavy platinum band set with a massive square-cut alexandrite, a cream linen shirt with ruffled cuffs, a pair of cuffed leather boots accented with brass buckles, a midnight-blue thigh pouch secured with an anchor-shaped clasp, a diamond-pommeled dagger with a spiraled blade, a steel cutlass with a brass handguard, a copper tailband engraved with a wave pattern, a crimson brocade coat, a green silk shirt with black embroidery, a detailed cameo ring carved with the likeness of a merelew woman, some cream-colored doeskin breeches with brass buckles at the knees, a discolored bowl of congealed clam chowder, a loosely cut corsair's shirt, a whale pin carved from ivory, a steel dirk with a flamewood hilt, a white tricorn hat with a black cockade, some leather thigh boots with red satin lining, an oilcloth cloak with a simple clasp, a blue satin hair ribbon dangling tiny seashells, some hammered steel gauntlets with gilded cuffs, a pair of elegant damask slippers with silver satin ties, a moth-eaten black wool sea coat accented with brass buttons, a sun-bleached burgundy brocade doublet, a tattered sharkskin cloak, some blackened steel half plate trimmed in tarnished brass, a blackened steel katar with an acid-etched blade, a polished steel rapier with an intricately etched hand guard, a brass earcuff engraved with a mermaid, some pitted bone armor and a cobalt-blue wool cloak with an anchor-shaped clasp.


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